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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> ORDINANCE 2011 -02 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE, CALIFORNIA, <br /> AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 98 -06 AND APPROVING AND ADOPTING THE AMENDMENT <br /> TO THE REDEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE TRUCKEE REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council of the Town Truckee (the "Town Council ") adopted <br /> Ordinance No. 98 -06 on October 15, 1998, approving and adopting the Redevelopment Plan <br /> (the "Redevelopment Plan ") for the Truckee Redevelopment Project (the "Project Area "); and <br /> WHEREAS, the Truckee Redevelopment Agency (the "Agency ") has been designated <br /> as the official redevelopment agency to carry out in the Town the functions and requirements of <br /> the Community Redevelopment Law of the State of California (Health and Safety Code <br /> Section 33000 et seq.) and to implement the Redevelopment Plan; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Agency has formulated and prepared a proposed Amendment to the <br /> Redevelopment Plan (the "Amendment ") to add a legally required cap on the amount of bonded <br /> indebtedness that may be outstanding at any one time; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council, as the Lead Agency, prepared a Negative Declaration <br /> (the "Negative Declaration ") on the proposed Amendment pursuant to the California <br /> Environmental Quality Act, (Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq., hereinafter referred <br /> to as "CEQA "), the Guidelines for Implementation of CEQA (14 California Code of Regulations, <br /> Section 1500 et seq., hereinafter referred to as the "State CEQA Guidelines "), which Negative <br /> Declaration was approved by the Agency prior to adoption of this Ordinance and by the Town <br /> Council concurrently with this Ordinance; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Planning Commission of the Town of Truckee (the "Planning <br /> Commission ") has reviewed the proposed Amendment and submitted to the Town Council its <br /> report and recommendations concerning the proposed Amendment and its certification that the <br /> Amendment is consistent with and conforms to the General Plan of the Town of Truckee; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council has received from the Agency the proposed Amendment, <br /> a copy of which is on file at the office of the Town Clerk, 10183 Airport Road, Truckee, <br /> California, and at the office of the Agency at the same address, together with the Report of the <br /> Agency to the Town Council on the proposed Amendment (the "Report to Council "); and <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council and the Agency held a joint public hearing on March 3, <br /> 2011, on adoption of the proposed Amendment, certification and approval of the Negative <br /> Declaration on said Amendment, for the Truckee Redevelopment Project, in the Town Council <br /> Chambers, Town Hall, 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, California; and <br /> WHEREAS, a notice of said joint public hearing was duly and regularly published in the ' <br /> Sierra Sun, a newspaper of general circulation in the Town of Truckee, once a week for four <br /> ' successive weeks prior to the date of said hearing, and a copy of said notice and affidavit of <br /> publication are on file with the Town Clerk and the Agency; and <br />