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Page 1 n f 1 <br />Shanna Kuhlemier <br />From: Denyelle Nishimori <br />Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 5:34 PM <br />To: Alex Terrazas; Barbara Green (; Ben Chambers; Bob Johnston; <br />Breeze Cross; Carolyn Collins; Carolyn Wallace Dee; Cole Butler; Darcy Donovan; Darin <br />Dinsmore; Denyelle Nishimori; Eli Meyer; Garry Bowen; Greg Howes; Janet Ravey; Jeff <br />Bender (; John McLaughlin ;John Pruyn; judy price; Larry young; Lisa Wallace; <br />Mark Brown; Mike Kerton; Nichole Dorr ;Pat Davision; Paul Laudenschlager; Rick Solinsky; <br />Robie Litchfield; Ronnie Colby; Scott Terrell; shanna kuhlemier; Tony Pastore <br />Subject: June 4, 2007 Agenda <br />Attachments: 2007-6-4 GBC Agenda.doc; 5-7-07 Minutes.doc; Bob Johnston e-mail summary.doc <br />Hello all, <br />After a lively meeting in May I was contacted by several motivated committee members via e-mail with exciting <br />thoughts and ideas about how to get the ball rolling. At Bob Johnston's request I have attached and will be <br />forwarding some informational items for the Committee's consideration. Bob will not be at the meeting, although <br />Jeff Bender will be sharing some of Bob's thoughts. See you on the 4tn <br />I ~~~nrt~ll~ ;i~l,ri,,,>, ~ 1 /t ,; <br />\~.~~hlafi.' ('~;ln!1-.'~ I ~ ~~.~,, iii 1 i'tti,~~.,', <br />i 11~~' ~IIIC~~~'~ ~1f~n~l~ ~~itial~ ~fii~.i.i ~_~ ~ `ii, ij , <br />06/05/2007 <br />