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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> California <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2002-18 <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />TAKING ACTIONS ON THE APPEAL OF APPLICATION NO. 01-093/TM <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Dana and Lori Tucker submitted an application requesting approval <br />of a tentative map proposing to divide a 19.48 acre parcel into six single family lots; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the Town of Truckee Planning Commission, as the authorized <br />review body for tentative maps proposing five or more parcels and at a duly noticed <br />public hearing, adopted Resolution No. 2002-04 on March 13, 2002, thereby adopting a <br />Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project, approving the tentative map with <br />conditions, and adopting findings in support of such actions; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Kerry C. Sheedy and Lori Tucker submitted separate appeals on the <br />Commission's decision to approve the tentative map with conditions; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council is responsible for considering appeals of Planning <br />Commission decisions and considered the appeals at a duly noticed public hearing <br />within 30 days of submittal of the appeal in accordance with the State Subdivision Map <br />Act and the Truckee Development Code; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council received testimony on the appeals from the <br />appellants and all other persons wishing to provide testimony and considered such <br />testimony in their decision. <br /> <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE as follows: <br /> <br />1. The Council hereby denies the appeal of Kerry C. Sheedy; <br /> <br />2. The Council hereby grants the appeal of Lori Tucker; <br /> <br /> 3. The Council hereby affirms the decisions of the Planning Commission to <br />adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project and approve the tentative map <br />with conditions as set forth in Commission Resolution No. 2002-04, subject to <br />modifications of the mitigation measures and conditions as described in Exhibit "A" <br />attached hereto and incorporated herein; <br /> <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Town Council adopts the findings set forth in <br />Exhibit "B" (Findings) of Commission Resolution No. 2002-04 in support of the Council's <br /> <br /> <br />