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Town of Truckee <br /> <br />Califomia <br /> <br />RESOIM~ON NO[ 94-28 <br /> <br />A RESOIJfllON OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN <br />OF TRUCKEE FOR SUMMARY VACATION OF TWO 5-FOOT <br />PUBLIC UTll lit EASEMENTS ON LOTS 310 AND 311 NEAR <br />NORTHWOODS BOUI ~EVARD <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Town of Truckee has received a request to vacate and abandon two 5-foot <br />easements on Lots 310 and 311 along their comiguous common boundary line in Tahoe Donner <br />Unit 2, Book 4 of Subdivisions, Page 23; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Directors of Public Works and Community Development have reviewed the <br />proposed vacation and fred the easements no longer necessary for public purposes; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the affected utilities have reviewed the request with the funding that the vacation <br />of the easements are not in conflict with their plans, and the easement is not needed for public <br />purposes; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, there is a fmding pursuant to Streets and Highways Code Section 8333(a) that the <br />easement has not been used for the purpose for which it was dedicated for over five (5) <br />consecutive years immediate preceding the proposed vacation; <br /> <br /> NOW THEREFORK BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN <br />OF TRUCKEF, as follows: <br /> <br />Summarily vacates and abandons the two 5-foot public utility easements on Lots <br />310 and 311, Tahoe Donner Unit 2, Book 4 of Subdivisions, Page 23 as shown <br />on Exhibit "A". <br /> <br />Declares that from and after the date that this Resolution is recorded the subject <br />easement no longer constitutes public utility easements. <br /> <br />o <br /> <br />Instructs the Town Clerk to record this Resolution of Vacation of Public Utility <br />Easements pursuant to Section 8336 of the Streets and Highways Code. <br /> <br />The foregoing Resolution was introduced at a Regular Meeting of the Town Council of the Town <br />of Truckee, held on the 2nd day of June, 1994, by Council Member Aguera who moved its <br />adoption, which motion being duly seconded by Council Member Cross was upon roll call carried <br />and the Resolution adopted by the following vote: <br /> <br /> <br />