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TOWK OP <br />MEETING DATE: July 24, 2018 <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br />FROM: Jenna Gatto, Planning Manager-l'h <br />SUBJECT: Adoption of Eligibility Criteria for Cannabis Deliv ry Service Licenses <br />APPROVED BY <br />J ff Loux, Towd Manage <br />RECOMMENDATION: That the Town Council adopt Resolution 2018-53, establishing eligibility <br />criteria for cannabis delivery service licenses and determine the criteria exempt from CEQA <br />pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15184 (State Mandated Local Projects). <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Background <br />At the June 12, 2018 Town Council meeting, the Council adopted land use regulations to allow the <br />establishment of cannabis delivery service businesses in Truckee. These regulations were adopted <br />following an extensive public process known as the Cannabis Dialogue. As part of the adoption <br />process, the Council directed staff to return with eligibility criteria each delivery service business <br />would need to meet in order to qualify for Use Permit approval and issuance of a Cannabis Delivery <br />Service License. The eligibility criteria are intended to supplement the adopted regulations and <br />clearly identify the requirements to obtain a license from the Town. Because the eligibility criteria <br />are not land use regulations, they can be implemented through adoption of a Council Resolution <br />and will be effective immediately following adoption. <br />Overview of Draft Eligibility Criteria <br />During discussions on the draft land use regulations, the Council voted to establish criteria to <br />determine if a business is eligible to be granted a Cannabis Delivery Service License, which is now <br />required within the Town's newly adopted regulations. The Council focused on establishing <br />eligibility criteria (i.e. objective criteria solely to determine eligibility) rather than subjective criteria <br />which could be used during a formal selection process. The Council was not supportive of <br />establishing a selection process whereby individual businesses would compete for a pre- <br />determined number of licenses but rather wanted to establish an objective way to determine what is <br />required to establish a delivery service in Truckee. <br />In researching potential criteria options, it became clear that a large number of cities and counties <br />within the State have chosen to go through a subjective selection process or "beauty pageant" to <br />determine who would be allowed to establish a cannabis business in their respective jurisdictions. <br />In reviewing a number of regulations, virtually all jurisdictions relied on a wide range of subjective <br />criteria including the following: <br />