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01 Amending Section 8.01.020 of the Town Municipal Code Defining Vicious Dogs[Icon] 2017-01 2 Animal Services Division
02 Amending Section 3.24.020 of Municipal Code Regarding Transient Occupancy Tax Definitions[Icon] 2017-02 2 Administrative Services Department
03 Amending Chapter 9.07 of the Town Municipal Code Defining Unclaimed Lost Property[Icon] 2017-03 3 Police Department
04 Amending Chapter 3.12 of the Truckee Municiple Code Regarding Purchases[Icon] 2017-04 11 Administrative Services Department
05 Amending Truckee Municipal Code, Title 18, Development Code for Bed and Breakfasts, Inactive Applications, Food Trucks, Kitchens and Cooking Facilities, Event Spaces, Makerspaces, Minor Modifications and Clean-up Amendments[Icon] 2017-05 36 Police Department
06 Approving Development Agreement Between Town of Truckee And Truckee Development Associates, LLC[Icon] 2017-06 444 Planning Division
07 Ordinance Increasing Planning Comissioner's Compensation[Icon] 2017-07 2 Administrative Services Department
08 Amending Town of Truckee Zoning Map for Truckee Tahoe Airport District Parcel Rezone Application[Icon] 2017-08 4 Planning Division
09 Uncodified Ordinance Regarding Subdivision Improvement Agreement Security Requirements for Coburn Crossing Project[Icon] 2017-09 2 Engineering Division
10 Amending Truckee Municipal Code, Title 18, Development Code for Gross Floor Area Defination, Development Permits for Residential Uses, Outdoor Uses, AMendments to Recorded Maps, Temporary Sign Permint Requirements and Clean-Up Amendments[Icon] 2017-10 26 Planning Division
12 Amending Municiple Code Regarding Parking During Snow Removal Season[Icon] 2017-12 2 Police Department
13 Add Section 15.02.090 to Municipal Code Pertaining to Permitting Procecures for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems[Icon] 2017-13 4 Police Department
14 Amending Municipal Code, Title 18, Development Code for Secondary Residential Units and Clean-up Amendments[Icon] 2017-14 41 Community Development Department
15 Interim Urgency Ordinance Establishing Moratorium on Establishment or Expansion of Cannabis Businesses Pursuant to Government Code Section 65858[Icon] 2017-15 5 Planning Division
16 Emergency Ordinance Authorizing Award of Contract for Town Hall Improvements[Icon] 2017-16 3 Engineering Division
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