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28 Establishing an Appropriations Limit for Fiscal Year 2017-18 Purduant to Article XIIIB of the California Constitution[Icon] 2017-28 2 Town Manager Department
29 Approving an Expanded Commitment to Climate Action Planning and Implementation in the Town of Truckee[Icon] 2017-29 2 Town Manager Department
30 Authorizing the Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006 Funding With the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services[Icon] 2017-30 2 Town Manager Department
31 Adopting Town Investment Policy[Icon] 2017-31 1 Administrative Services Department
32 Establishing Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Rates, Parcel Charges and Directions to Nevada County Auditor for Collection of Residential Parcel Charges in CSA 7, Tax Area 03[Icon] 2017-32 2 Solid Waste/Recycling
33 Establishing Delinquent Residential Solid Waste Services Accounts and Directions to Nevada County Auditor for Collection of Delinquent Accounts in CSA 7, Tax Area 03[Icon] 2017-33 7 Solid Waste/Recycling
34 Resolution Adopting a Debt Policy Consistent With California Government Code Section 8855[Icon] 2017-34 3 Town Clerk Department
35 Waiving the Option to Have Truckee Public Financing Authority Lease Revenue Bonds Redeemed to an Occurence of an Extraordinary Event[Icon] 2017-35 3 Administrative Services Department
36 Abandoning a Portion of a Power and Telephone Easement and a Portion of a Light and Air Easement on 14844 Denton Avenue APN 17-290-04 Don Yakel[Icon] 2017-36 14 Planning Division
37 Modifying Schedule of Fees and Charges for Town Services[Icon] 2017-37 42 Town Clerk Department
38 Application for Federal Funding Under FTA Section 5339[Icon] 2017-38 2 Transit
39 Adopting Revised Quimby Fee and Rescinding Fees Adopted in Resolution 2016-52[Icon] 2017-39 2 Planning Division
40 Adopting Revised Recreation Facility Mitigation Fees and Rescinding Fees Previously Adopted in Reslution 2016-47[Icon] 2017-40 2 Administrative Services Department
41 Support Partnership Between Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce and Truckee Tahoe Airport District to Privide Funds for Truckee Tomorrow Economic Development Initatives[Icon] 2017-41 2 Town Manager Department
42 Authorize Submittal of Funding Request for AB 2766 DMV Surcharge Funding Through Nothern Sierra Air Quality Management District to Support Highway 267 Year-Round Transit Service[Icon] 2017-42 2 Transit
43 Initating Proceedings for Formation of Landscaping and Lighting Assesment District Known as Envision DPR Landscaping and Lighting District No. 1[Icon] 2017-43 2 Engineering Division
44 Declairing Intention to Order Fromation and Levy and Collect Assessments within Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District for FY 2019/2020[Icon] 2017-44 4 Engineering Division
45 Approving Formation, Confirming Boundry Map and Assessement and Ordering Maintenance and Operations of Envision DPR Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District 1 for FY 2019-2020[Icon] 2017-45 19 Engineering Division
46 Requesting Nevada County Transportation Commission Allocate Local Transportation Funds for Operation of Truckee TART Fixed Route and Paratransit System for FY 2017/2018[Icon] 2017-46 1 Transit
47 Request Nevada County Transportation Commission Allocate STA Funds for Operation of Truckee TART Fixed Route and Paratransit System for FY 2017-2018[Icon] 2017-47 1 Transit
48 2017 Bond Refinancing Corporation Yard[Icon] 2017-48 5 Administrative Services Department
49 Intention to Establish Proposed Community Facilities District 2017-2[Icon] 2017-49 6 Community Development Department
50 Requesting Allocation of Regional Surface Trransportation Program Funds From the Nevada County Transportation Commission[Icon] 2017-50 1 Engineering Division
51 Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Wildland Fire Agreement[Icon] 2017-51 1 Town Manager Department
52 Amending 2017-18 Budget to Incorporate a List of Projects Funded by SB 1: The Road Repair and Accountability Act[Icon] 2017-52 10 Engineering Division
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