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01 Adding Chapter 8.02 of the Truckee Municiple Code Regarding Prohibition of the Sales of Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores[Icon] 2016-01 3 Animal Services Division
02 Levying Special Taxes Within the Town of Truckee Community Facilities District 2015-1[Icon] 2016-02 3 Engineering Division
03 Amending Chapter 3.33 of the Truckee Municiple Code Regarding Mitigation Fee Programs[Icon] 2016-03 6 Engineering Division
04 Adopting Chapter 10.21 of the Municipal Code Regarding Vehicles on Trails, Prohibitions and Allowed Uses[Icon] 2016-04 4 Police Department
05 Amending Truckee Municipal Code, Title 7, Air Quality[Icon] 2016-05 3 Planning Division
06 Amending Truckee Municipal Code, Title 18, Development Code for Water Efficient Landscaping for Larger Projects and Clean-Up Amendments[Icon] 2016-06 41 Planning Division
07 Increase Council Stipend salary[Icon] 2016-07 2 Town Manager Department
08 Amending Truckee Municipall Code, Title 18, Development Code Regarding High-Density Residential Projects ‎(Multi-Family Dwellings, 11 or More Units)‎ Within Downtown Visitor Lodging ‎(DVL)‎ Zoning District[Icon] 2016-08 10 Planning Division
09 Amending Town of Truckee Zoning Map for Old Greenwood Project Amendment #4[Icon] 2016-09 3 Planning Division
10 Amending Old Greenwood Planned Development Development Agreement Between the Town and Northlight Old Greenwood Acquisition, LLC[Icon] 2016-10 16 Community Development Department
11 Amending Transient Occupancy Tax adding Registration[Icon] 2016-11 2 Administrative Services Department
12 Downtown Specific Plan and Development Code for Historic Design Review[Icon] 2016-12 4 Planning Division
13 Amending Development Code Dedications of Land for Park Purposes[Icon] 2016-13 3 Police Department
14 Amend Title 15 of Municiple Building Code to Adopt 2016 Building Codes[Icon] 2016-14 19 Community Development Department
15 Ordinance Adopting Procedures for Establishment of Underground Utility Districts and Establishing Underground Utility District Number 1[Icon] 2016-15 7 Engineering Division
16 Amending Municiple Code Title 18 Development Code Regarding Emergancy Shelters to Churchs/Places of Worship in Downtown Mixed Use ‎(DMU)‎ Zoning District and Clean-up Amendments[Icon] 2016-16 6 Planning Division
17 Ordinance Amending Development Code Chapters 18.16 ‎(Special Purpose Zoning Districts)‎ and 18.220 to Allow for Seasonal Caretaker Units in the Public Facility Zone District[Icon] 2016-17 3 Planning Division
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