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accommodate the increased traffic volumes associated with the approval of this <br />project and the cumulative impact associated with future potential second <br />dwelling units within the subdivision and in providing adequate fire protection <br />access as verified by the Truckee Fire Protection District. <br /> <br /> 3. The use will have no significant adverse effect on abutting property or the permitted <br />use thereof. <br /> <br />The development standards applicable to second residential dwelling units, <br />particularly those pertaining to on-site parking, size of the unit, and use of the <br />unit, ensure that the character and integrity of the single family residential <br />neighborhood is not compromised. <br /> <br />4. The project is consistent with the Town of Truckee General Plan. <br /> <br />Support for this specific finding is contained within the Town Council and Zoning <br />Administrator staff reports prepared for this project and documented within the <br />public record and specifically the staff report discussions entitled General Plan <br />Consistency. <br /> <br /> 5. The attached conditions are reasonable, adequate and necessary to protect the <br />public health, safety and general welfare. <br /> <br />The conditions imposed upon the project approval are consistent with the <br />requirements for the establishment of a second residential unit intended to ensure <br />compatibility with surrounding residential land uses. The clarifications and <br />notations made to the conditions of approval by the Zoning Administrator in <br />response to public comment and concerns have been developed to better protect the <br />neighboring properties. <br /> <br /> 6. Adequate public services exist within the project area and which are available to <br />serve the project. <br /> <br />The adequacy of the existing public services, including fire protection, domestic <br />water, and sanitary sewer service, has been verified with the various responsible <br />service providers. The increased demand upon these services associated with the <br />approval of this project and the cumulative impact associated with future potential <br />second dwelling units within the subdivision can adequately be accommodated <br />utilizing the existing infrastructure improvements. <br /> <br /> <br />