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Service to and Direction of Town ComaciL To respond promptly to all requests of <br />the Town Council for information and advice, and to see that all Council instructions, <br />orders and decisions are carried out promptly. <br /> <br />Town Clerk and Town Treasurer. To perform the duties of Town Clerk and Town <br />Treasurer. <br /> <br />Co <br /> <br />Appointment and Removal. Pursuar~t to Government Code Section 34856 to appoint <br />and remove ail officers and department heads except the Town Attorney. The Town <br />Manager shall either appoint, remove, promote, or demote all other Town employees <br />or approve their appointment, removai, promotion or demotion subject to all <br />applicable personnel rules and regulations which may be adopted by the Town <br />Council. <br /> <br />Authori _ty Over Employees. To control and give direction to all depactment heads <br />and to subordinate employees of the Town under the Town Manager's jurisdiction <br />through their department heads. <br /> <br />eo <br /> <br />~. To prepare and submit the proposed annual budget and saiary plan to the <br />Town Council and, upon approval of the Town Council, to administer the budget and <br />salary plan. <br /> <br />Expenditure Control and Purchasing. To see that no expenditures shall be submitted <br />or recommended to the Town Council except on approval of the Town Manager or <br />his or her authorized representative, and to be responsible for the purchase of all <br />equipment and supplies for all departments subject to all applicable purchasing rules <br />and regulations which may be adopted by the Town Council. <br /> <br />Service Contracts. To negotiate all contracts for services for which the Town has a <br />service responsibility to its residents and desires to provide such services by contract. <br />Contracts shall be approved by the Town Council after which it shall be the duty of <br />the Town Manager to administer such contracts and determine that its provisions are <br />carried out. The Town Manager shall report to the Council on the performance of <br />contracts at such times as the Council may direct. <br /> <br />Financial Reports. To keep the Town Council fully advised at all times as to the <br />financial condition of the needs of the Town. <br /> <br />~. To recommend to the Town Council such policies which, in the judgment <br />of the Town Manager, are worthy of consideration by the Town Council in the <br />interest of efficient, effective and economical conduct of the Town's business. <br /> <br />Investieations and Complaints. To make investigations into the affairs of the Town <br />and any department or the proper performance of any obligations of the Town and <br /> <br /> <br />