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WHEREAS, pursuant to the authority of Section 56844 (m)(r) and (t) of the Government <br />Code, Section 12(d) of the said LAFCo Resolution and paragraph 1 l(d) of the said Nevada <br />County resolution, and the two-third voter approval of the electorate authorized the transfer of <br />the service and parcel charge authority of Donner Terrace and Prosser Woods Permanent Road <br />Division (PRD) to the new Town of Truckee effective July 1, 1993; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the Town Council desires and intends by this Ordinance to establish <br />procedures to implement the transfer of that authority and continue the levy of the parcel <br />charges and provision of extended services within the areas of the former PRDs. <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the Town Council of the Town of Truckee does ordain as follows: <br /> <br />Incorporation of Authority_. The provisions of Section 12(d) of the LAFCo <br />resolution 92-06 and paragraph 1 l(d) of the Nevada County resolution 92483, as <br />referenced above, and as approved by a two-thirds vote of the electorate by <br />adoption of Measure H on November 3, 1992, are hereby incorporated herein as <br />the order and authority for the Town to accept transfer and continue each PRD <br />as herein provided. <br /> <br />Continuation of PRDs as TPRDs. That Permanent Road Divisions for Donner <br />Terrace and Prosser Wood (PRD) shall be accepted as transfers to the Town and <br />continued indefinitely with their existing authorities and boundaries as 'q'own <br />Permanent Road Divisions" ('q'PRDs") with the following designations: <br /> <br />Former PRD New TPRD # <br /> <br />Donner Terrace 1 <br />Prosser Wood 2 <br /> <br />Continuation of Services. Each of the above TPRD's is hereby authorized to <br />provide the services previously authorized for the PRD that they replace. The <br />services for each TPRD shall be the same as for each PRD; which service as <br />provided by the respective resolutions of the County of Nevada creating and <br />amending respective PRDs is hereby referred to and incorporated herein as if fully <br />set forth. <br /> <br />As provided and authorized in Paragraph 12(d) of the LAFCo Resolution 92-06 <br />adopted June 25, 1992, and Paragraph ll(d) of Resolution No. 92483 of the <br />County of Nevada adopted July 21, 1992, and as approved by two-thirds vote of <br />the electorate on November 3, 1992, the Town shall have full authority each year <br />to levy parcel charges, adjusted on an annual basis, within the area of each former <br />PRD. All funds derived from these parcel charges and any State subventions for <br />such services, and reserves held by each former PRD and all delinquent parcel <br />charges collected by the County for a PRD shall be distributed to the Town, shall <br />be maintained in a separate fund and shall be expended only for authorized <br />services within the area of each former PRD. <br /> <br />Continuation of Parcel Charge Authority. For each subsequent year, the Town <br />Council shall annually establish and levy parcel charges within the boundaries of <br />each TPRD, in the same manner and in accordance with the same procedure as <br />provided for in Sections 1160-1197 of the Streets and Highway Code. Charges <br /> <br /> <br />