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Town Ordinance <br />Page 2 <br /> <br /> 10.01.070 Loading zone. The space reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during the <br />loading or unloading of passengers or freight. <br /> <br /> 1Q.01.080 Official time standard. Whenever certain hours are named herein they shall mean <br />standard time or daylight-saving time as may be in current use in the State. <br /> <br /> 10.01.090 Ordinance. A rule or regulation adopted by the Council in form of an ordinance <br />or resolution relating to the movement of vehicular traffic or enforcement thereof. <br /> <br /> 10.01.100 Parkway. That portion of street right-of-way other than roadway or sidewalk. <br /> <br /> 10,0~.110 Passenger loading zone. The space reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles <br />while receiving or discharging passengers. <br /> <br /> 10.91.120 Police Officer. Every officer of the police department of the Town or any civilian <br />authorized to direct or regulate traffic. <br /> <br /> 10.01.130 Railroad train. An engine, locomotive, either diesel, steam or driven, electric or <br />other motor driven with or without ears coupled thereto operated upon rails, except streetcars. <br /> <br />10.01.140 Traffic division. A division within the public works department. <br /> <br />10.01.150 Vehicle Code. The Vehicle Code of the State of California. <br /> <br />Chanter 10.02 <br /> <br />TRAFFIC ADMINISTRATOR <br /> <br /> 10.02.010 Police adminislxation--Traffic services. There is hereby established in the police <br />department of the Town a traffic services responsibility to be under the control of the operations <br />division of the department. <br /> <br /> 10,02.020 Traffic services responsibilities. Traffic services responsibilities shall include: <br />enfomement of the street traffic regulations of the Town and all of the state vehicle laws applicable <br />to street traffic in the Town to make arrests for traffic violations; investigation of traffc accidents; <br />cooperation with the traffic engineer and other officers of the Town in the administration of the <br />traffic laws and in developing ways and means to improve traffic conditions, and to carry out those <br />duties specially imposed by this Title. <br /> <br /> 10.02.040 Powers & duties of traffic engineer delegation. <br /> (a) It shall be the general duty of the traffic engineer to determine the installation and proper <br />timing and maintenance of traffic control devices and signals; to conduct engineering analysis of <br />traffic accidents and to devise remedial measures; to conduct engineering analysis of traffic <br /> <br /> <br />