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Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />RESIDENCE (3,327 SF) / ATTACHED GARAGE (1,004) / <br />10952 RYLEY CT, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />R - New SFR Single Family Residence <br />Permit Issued <br />GRAY'S CROSSING <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:0430-200-08-000$1,150,000 4,859 <br />Owner:INVESTMENT SPECIALTY GROUP LLC <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:CEILING EXPERTS INC <br />Other: <br />6137 PALMAYA LN , ORANGEVALE, CA 95662 <br />1340 MAIN AVE , SACRAMENTO, CA 95838 <br />11/1/2018 3/4/2019 <br />Permit# 2018-00001213 <br />Total Fees:$20,786.22 Balance Due:($20,786.22) <br />Subdivision: <br />Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />Covered Porch (26 SF) - Remove (33 SF) of covered porch, <br />11703 NORDIC LN, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />Deck Deck - Patio Cover <br />Permit Issued <br />TAHOE DONNER <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:0452-800-34-000$9,500 26 <br />Owner:HERRGESELL ERIC & BROOKE TRSTES <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:CULVER CONSTRUCTION, JOSEPH A. CULVER <br />Other: <br />39792 BARRY RD , DAVIS, CA 95616-9417 <br />11457 BADEN ROAD TRUCKEE, CA , TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />12/19/2018 3/4/2019 <br />Permit# 2018-00001333 <br />Total Fees:$531.80 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />214Page of4/1/2019 11:34 AMDate/Time Reported: <br />Town of Truckee Permit Detail Report