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Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />Studio Addition (450 SF): Attached to existing residence; <br />15721 WINDSOR WAY, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />R - Addition Residential Addition <br />Application Created <br />GLENSHIRE <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:0492-400-26-000$180,000 711 <br />Owner:BRAGG VAL R & STEPHANIE <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:TIMBERLINE CONSTRUCTION <br />Other: <br />15721 WINDSOR WY , TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />15515 ARCHERY VIEW TRUCKEE, CA , TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />3/11/2019 <br />Permit# 2019-00000135 <br />Total Fees:$0.00 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />KITCHEN REMODEL: Moving the gas range/relocate gas line; <br />13558 WEISSHORN AVE, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />R - Remodel Residential Remodel <br />Application Created <br />TAHOE DONNER <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:0444-700-10-000$35,000 <br />Owner:ACORN HILLS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC <br />OwnerPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:BRUCE PERKINS CONSTRUCTION <br />Other: <br />7100 ROYAL RIDGE DR , SAN JOSE, CA 95120-4747 <br />1766 WEMA WAY , SAN JOSE, CA 95124 <br />3/13/2019 <br />Permit# 2019-00000140 <br />Total Fees:$0.00 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />134Page of4/1/2019 11:35 AMDate/Time Reported: <br />Town of Truckee Permit Detail Report