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Page 3 of 5 <br /> <br /> <br />• Licensee shall implement security measures reasonably designed to prevent unauthorized <br />entrance into areas containing cannabis or cannabis products and theft of cannabis or <br />cannabis products from the premises. <br />• Window security bars shall not be installed on the exterior of any building façade. <br />• Reasonable security measures shall be in place to preclude public access to the interior of <br />the facility. <br />• Signed agreement indemnifying the Town of Truckee. <br />• State license shall be provided to Town following issuance or within four months of issuance <br />of Town Cannabis Delivery Service License. <br />• Operator consent to periodic site inspections as part of Town’s onoging monitoring program. <br />Why are Criminal History Checks Not Recommended? <br />After reviewing a number of regulations, it was evident that virtually all cities and counties require <br />criminal history checks as part of their permitting/licensing process. However, it was equally <br />unclear what each jurdisction does with the information and how it is used to determine operator <br />eligibility. In recent conversations with the Town’s Chief of Police and Town Attorney, it was clear <br />that the Town would need to have extensive discussions on this process and specifically,the Town <br />would need to determine what types of conviction could or would result in a disqualification. <br />Further, this process is complicated by privacy laws which prohibit the Town from releasing the <br />results of a criminal history check and often times, there could be extenuating circumstances behind <br />someone’s conviction. In other words, the Town would not be able to state the reasons behind an <br />operator’s disqualification and would only state that there is a disqualification. <br /> <br />As staff mentioned previously during the Cannabis Dialogue, the State’s licensing process is robust <br />and there are a number of disclosures required of operators related to past criminal history. Most <br />importantly, the State has already determined what type of convictions disqualify an operator from <br />receiving a license. The State requires the following disclosures during its licensing process: <br />• Detailed description of the owner’s convictions, including: <br />o Date of conviction <br />o Dates of incarceration, if applicable <br />o Dates of probation, if applicable <br />o Dates of parole, if applicable <br />o Detailed description of the offense for which the owner was convicted <br />o Statement of rehabilitation for each conviction <br /> <br />• Declaration under penalty of perjury that information contained in application is complete, <br />true and accurate. <br />The following outlines the types of offenses which warrant denial of a license: <br />• Violent felony conviction, as specified in subdivision (c) of section 667.5 of the Penal Code. <br />• A serious felony conviction, as specified in subdivision (c) of section 1192.7 of the Penal <br />Code. <br />• A felony conviction involving fraud, deceit, or embezzlement.