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• Operating Plan <br />• Safety/Security Plan <br />• Neighborhood Compatibility <br />• Business Plan <br />• Owner Qualifications <br />• Criminal History Checks <br />• Community Benefits <br />• Environmental Benefits <br />• Local Enterprise <br />• Enhanced Product Safety <br />• Site Review <br /> <br />Because the Town is not relying on subjective criteira, Town staff believes a majority of these are <br />not needed for our process. Instead, staff is recommending a two prong process which includes (1) <br />eligibility critiera related to locational requirements and (2) a uniform set of conditions of approval <br />which would be applied to each delivery service business. Below is an overview of each approach: <br /> <br />Locational Requirements <br />The purpose of the locational requirements is to ensure the proposed delivery service business <br />is an eligible location and that the following critiera are met: <br />• Allowable Zone District <br />o If located in CG (General Commercial) zone, buisness not located on ground floor <br />• Development Code compliance <br />o 600 feet from all sensitive uses <br />o Fixed location <br />o No larger than 3,000 square feet <br />• Property Owner Consent <br />o Includes acknowledgment of cannabis business being operated on premises <br />o Includes acknowledgment that operation of a cannabis business is illegal under <br />Federal law <br />o Confirmation that any applicable CC&Rs allow operation of a cannabis business <br />For the most part, the above criteria largely duplicate the regulations which were adopted by the <br />Council in June. The recommended property owner consents expand upon a process currently in <br />place within the Town’s land use submittal process. In other words, these criteria are already <br />established wihtin our new regulatory framework and under this approach, are simply proposed to <br />be consolidated in a single location within a supplemental application checklist. <br />Condtions of Approval <br />In addition to the locational requirements, staff is recommending a series of uniform conditions of <br />approval every delivery service operator would be made aware of and would consent to through <br />their Use Permit application. These inlcude the following: <br />• All delivery service businesses shall not be open to the public. <br />• No delivery of cannabis shall occur within the structure or on the premises thereof. <br />• Retail storefront is prohibited.