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in red. The full text of the Commission-recommended ordinance is enclosed in Attachment 2. <br /> <br />ALLOWED USES <br />• Cannabis delivery services <br />• All other commercial cannabis activities are prohibited <br />• <br />ALLOWED CANNABIS TYPE <br />• Medicinal and adult use <br /> <br />ZONING DISTRICTS <br />• Manufacturing (M) <br />• Downtown Manufacturing (DM) <br />• General Commercial (CG), no ground floor retail spaces allowed <br />• Service Commercial (CS) <br />• Prohibited in: <br />o General Commercial (CG) <br />o Neighborhood Commercial (CN) <br />o Highway Commercial (CH) <br />o Downtown Mixed Use <br />o Downtown Visitor Lodging (DVL) <br />o Downtown Commercial (DC) <br />o All residential zones <br />o Public Facility (PF) <br />o Open Space/Recreation <br />(OS/REC) <br />o Resource Conservation (RC) <br />o Downtown Master Plan (DMP) <br />(includes Railyard, Hilltop and <br />Truckee Springs Master Plans) <br />o Downtown Railroad (DRR) <br />o Other Planned Communities <br />(includes Coldstream, Gray’s <br />Crossing and Joerger Ranch <br />Specific Plan <br />NOTE: In fall 2017, the Town Council also recommended inclusion of the BIZ (Business <br />Innovation) and M (Manufacturing) zone districts within the Joerger Ranch Specific Plan; <br />however, those changes are not part of this initial process as they warrant approval of a Specific <br />Plan Amendment. Consideration of these changes will occur in the near future as a separate <br />process from the proposed Development Code amendments. The Joerger Ranch Specific Plan <br />amendments will be considered by both the Planning Commission and Town Council. <br />SITE REQUIREMENTS <br />• 600-feet 1,000-feet from schools, day care centers, youth centers and public parks <br />• 1,000 feet from another cannabis delivery service <br />• Fixed structure is required to establish cannabis delivery service <br />• Retail storefront prohibited, allowed on all floors except ground floor of builidngs <br />located in the CG zone district <br />• Landscaping, lighting and signage to comply with standard Town requirements <br />• Size limitation of 3,000 square feet <br />• Security measures required <br /> <br />Page 3 of 135