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<br /> <br />Town Council Staff Report <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />Councilmember and Planning Commissioner and representatives from a broad range of community <br />perspectives: <br /> <br />• (1) One Town Councilmember and one alternate <br />• (1) One Planning Commissioner and one alternate <br />• (1) One housing advocate representative <br />• (1) One alternative transportation representative (bike, pedestrian, transit) <br />• (2) Two non-profit representatives <br />• (1) One small business owner (25 employees or less) <br />• (1) One large business owner (more than 25 employees) <br />• (1) One Downtown property owner or employee <br />• (2) Two homeowner’s association representatives <br />• (1) One environmental advocate representative <br />• (1) One youth or youth advocate representative <br />• (1) One builder or developer representative <br />• (1) Energy / sustainability / water representative <br /> <br />Council should discuss the proposed GPAC membership in terms of community representation <br />recognizing that there will be multiple opportunities for public engagement outside of the GPAC. The <br />membership should include a variety of interests and perspectives working together to make <br />recommendations to the Planning Commission and Council on General Plan and Downtown <br />Specific Plan goals, policies and actions. Each member should be able to both represent their <br />unique perspective and consider broader community interest <br /> <br />The creation of supportive advisory teams will complement GPAC efforts and create and additional <br />way to gain valuable feedback. Examples include an advisory team of outdoor enthusiasts, artists <br />(representing arts and / or culture), home-based business operators / employees including tech- <br />based business, stay-at-home caretakers, sustainability / renewable energy, partner agencies and <br />special districts, etc. The specifics of these advisory teams will be developed further with a final <br />General Plan Work Program. <br /> <br />The Historic Preservation Advisory Commission (HPAC) will also have the opportunity to participate <br />with agenda items as needed at their regular meetings. HPAC’s role will be especially important in <br />the Downtown Specific Plan Update process. Any recommendations made by HPAC will be <br />forwarded to the GPAC, Planning Commission and Council as appropriate. <br /> <br />GPAC Recruitment and Selection Process <br /> <br />Staff will actively recruit for GPAC members through a variety of outreach methods including print, <br />social media, list serves, and face-to-face meetings. Applications will be accepted by the Town Clerk <br />from May 1, 2018 through May 31, 2018 if the GPAC creation is approved by the Town Council on <br />April 24, 2018. Council action to approve the membership list is anticipated in June 2018 with the <br />first GPAC meeting in June or July 2018. The first meeting will serve as a meet and greet with <br />opportunity to discuss roles and responsibilities, desired outcomes and the draft project schedule. <br /> <br />GPAC Service Terms <br /> <br />Staff anticipates holding around 20 GPAC meetings over the life of the General Plan Update / <br />Downtown Specific Plan Update processes. There would likely be less meetings initially—one every <br />other month—with no more than two per month during peak times. The expectation is that appointed <br />committee members will make every effort to attend meetings with termination occurring after five <br />absences. Other service terms would be defined by the GPAC during their first meeting (e.g.-chair