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Council Resolution No. 2017-54 <br /> Page 2 <br /> and <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> that the abandonment of the public utility easements contemplated herein is subject to the following <br /> conditions being met by the applicants: <br /> 1. A plat map shall be prepared by a licensed land surveyor and shall be reviewed and <br /> approved by the Town Engineer.The plat map shall show the two 5-foot public utility <br /> easements to be abandoned by the adoption of this resolution. The 5-foot public <br /> utility easement abandonment along the common property boundary shall not <br /> include portions of the existing public utility easement along each front property line. <br /> The plat map shall comply with all requirements of the Town Engineer and Nevada <br /> County Recorder and shall be integrated into this resolution as Exhibit A. <br /> 2. The applicants shall provide the Town with an executed copy of the Indemnity, Hold <br /> Harmless and Defense Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit B. <br /> 3. Concurrent with recordation of this resolution for the public utility easement <br /> abandonment, Community Development staff shall cause the requested lot line <br /> adjustment to be recorded. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br /> that if the conditions listed above for the Lot Line Adjustment and Easement Abandonment have not <br /> been satisfied by January 23, 2020, the conditional approval granted by this resolution shall <br /> become null and void without further action by the Town Council being required. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to <br /> coordinate the recordation of this resolution upon satisfying that the above-mentioned conditions <br /> have been met. <br /> The foregoing resolution was introduced by Vice Mayor Tirman, seconded by Council <br /> Member Abrams, at a regular meeting of the Truckee Town Council, held on the 23rd day of <br /> January, 2018 and adopted by the following vote: <br /> AYES: Council Member Abrams, Vice Mayor Tirman, and Mayor Wallace Dee. <br /> NOES: Council Members Flora and Goodwin. <br /> ABSTAIN: none. <br /> • <br /> arolyn Wall:ce Dee, Mayor <br /> ATTEST: <br /> a <br /> ;v <br /> Judy P ce, MMC,town Clerk <br /> Attachments: <br /> Exhibit A— Draft Easement Abandonment/Lot Line Adjustment Plat Map <br /> Exhibit B — Indemnity, Hold Harmless and Defense Agreement <br />