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AGENDA ITEM______ <br /> <br /> <br /> PC Staff Report, 2017-00000096: Nugget Markets <br /> Page 2 <br /> <br />An Environmental Impact Report (EIR), SCH #2007122092, for the Railyard Master Plan was <br />certified in June 2009. An addendum to the certified EIR was prepared in accordance with <br />CEQA Guidelines sections 15162-15164. Copies of the Certified Final Environmental Impact <br />Report (EIR) and addendum are on file and available for review at the Community Development <br />Department. <br /> <br />LOCATION <br />The project site is located within the southeast corner of the balloon track portion of the <br />Downtown Extension (DE) District of the Truckee Railyard Master Plan. Access is proposed via <br />planned eastern extensions of Church Street and Donner Pass Road within the Master Plan <br />Area. Church Street Extension would terminate just east of the balloon track until future Town <br />construction of the complete road segment between the balloon track and Glenshire Drive. <br />Donner Pass Road Extension would terminate within the balloon track, with options to access <br />Church Street via two north-south “roads.” The project site is planned as one of two buildings <br />proposed by the developer in the southern portion of the balloon track. The second building is <br />currently under review by the Planning Division. A new operations facility for Union Pacific <br />Railroad is under construction on the eastern side of the balloon track. Once this facility is <br />complete, the existing operations building located on the western side of the balloon track / <br />within the future Donner Pass Road Extension, will be demolished. No site address has been <br />assigned, but the site is located on a portion of APN 19-420-71. <br /> <br />PROJECT SITE INFORMATION <br />General Plan Designation: Downtown Study Area (DSA) <br />Zoning District: Downtown Master Plan (DMP) <br />Regulatory Document: November 2016, Truckee Railyard Mixed-Use Development <br />Master Plan (Railyard Master Plan) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Figure 1. Railyard Master Plan Figure 5-2, Regulatory Plan, District Map