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AGENDA ITEM <br /> TOWN OP <br /> Tom_ cE <br /> • 4.. I. ..•^ _ f' - Bug <br /> • <br /> • <br /> MEETING DATE: 9/12/2017 <br /> TO: Honorable Mayor and Council Members <br /> FROM: Hilary Hobbs, Management Analyst <br /> SUBJECT: Truckee Chamber of Commerce Community Promotion and Marketing Annual Report <br /> and Truckee Tourism and Business Improvement istric ual Report <br /> APPROVED BY ( Manager <br /> Jeff Loux, Town Manager <br /> RECOMMENDATION: <br /> 1) Accept Truckee Chamber of Commerce Community Promotion and Marketing Annual Report <br /> 2) Approve Truckee Tourism and Business Improvement District Annual Report <br /> 3) Approve earmarking the $43,000 repaid TBID formation loan for place-based marketing and direct <br /> staff, in collaboration with Chamber, to bring a specific project(s) to Council for approval <br /> 1. Agreement for Community Promotion, Marketing and Visitor Center Operations Annual Report <br /> BACKGROUND: <br /> Agreement: <br /> On July 1,2016 the Town entered into a four-year Agreement for Community Promotion and Marketing <br /> and Visitor Center Operations with the Truckee Chamber of Commerce (see Attachment 1). The <br /> purpose of this Agreement is for the Chamber to provide certain contracted marketing and economic <br /> development services to the Town in support of the Town and Chamber's shared visitation,economic, <br /> and community goals. This new agreement marked a significant change in the partnership between <br /> the Chamber and Town, with the Chamber's role expanded to include substantial destination and <br /> place-based marketing responsibilities on behalf of the Town.A public-private partnership, including <br /> Chamber and private entity ("Truckee Tomorrow") match funding, was a fundamental basis of the <br /> Town's commitment to significant funding for place based marketing under this Agreement. <br /> Agreement reporting requirement: <br /> Pursuant to this Agreement, once per quarter the Chamber shall provide a written report to Town <br /> concerning Chamber's Services, the current status of the metrics set forth in Exhibit B of the <br /> Agreement, and Chamber's sources of funding for the Services that fiscal year.Additionally,two times <br /> per calendar year during the term of this Agreement at times requested by Town, Chamber shall <br /> provide an in-person report at a Town Council meeting concerning Chamber's Services and the <br /> metrics described in Exhibit B. The Chamber has provided the enclosed written Annual Report to <br /> accompany the first in-person report to Town Council (see Attachment 2). <br /> DISCUSSION: <br /> The Chamber of Commerce has had a busy and productive year, with many significant community <br /> promotion and marketing accomplishments. Most noteworthy among these are the launch of the new <br />