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WORKSHOP NO. 3 <br />APRIL13, 2017CANNABIS DIALOGUE <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />¯ <br />0 0.25 0.50.125 <br />Miles <br />Parcels within 600 Feet of Designated Sensitive Uses <br />April 2017 <br />Town Boundary <br />600-ft. Buffer <br />Parcels <br />Schools <br />Youth Centers and Day Cares <br />Parcels in 600-ft. Radius <br />Play Date Preschool <br />and Daycare <br />TTUSD <br />Glenshire Elementary <br />T r u c k e e R i v e r <br />GlenshireDrive <br />Dorch e s t e r D r i v e <br />D <br />o <br />r <br />c h e s t e r <br />D r i v e <br />Play Date Preschool <br />and Daycare