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WORKSHOP NO. 3 <br />APRIL13, 2017CANNABIS DIALOGUE <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />¯ <br />0 0.5 10.25 <br />Miles <br />Parcels within 600 Feet of Designated Sensitive Uses <br />April 2017 <br />Town Boundary <br />600-ft. Buffer <br />Parcels <br />Schools <br />Youth Centers and Day Cares <br />Parcels in 600-ft. Radius <br />TTUSD <br />Alder Middle School <br />TDRPD Recreation <br />and Aquatic Center <br />KidzKount Child <br />Development Center <br />TDRPD <br />Community <br />Arts Center <br />Tahoe Forest <br />Children's CenterTTUSD <br />Campus <br />In His Care <br />Preschool and Daycare <br />Discovery <br />Preschool <br />G l e n s h i r e D r i v e <br />¬«89 <br />¬«267 <br />§¨¦80 <br />§¨¦80 <br />§¨¦80 <br />Forest Charter <br />School <br />Tahoe Donner <br />Gray's Crossing <br />Sierra Meadows <br />Olympic Heights <br />Donner Pass Road <br />¬«89