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RECAP OF WORKSHOP NO. 2 <br />On March 9th, the Truckee Town Council hosted the second is a series of four workshops for the Cannabis Dialogue. <br />The purpose of this workshop was to discuss retail dispensaries, processing facilities and delivery services and to <br />gather community feedback. Approximately 130 people participated and a large number provided public comment <br />on the above issues. The Council indicated an interest in getting more information on lessons learned from other <br />jurisdictions that allow for a variety of cannabis uses. The Council was also interested in better understanding some <br />of the issues and potential hazards of indoor cultivation. Town staff has compiled the below information to assist <br />the Council’s understanding of these issues. <br />WHERE COULD COMMERCIAL CANNABIS BE LOCATED? <br />As we discussed at Workshop #2, the Town has not imposed any regulations on commercial cannabis uses. But <br />with passage of Proposition 64, the State of California has. In particular, the State has already imposed separation <br />standards like we discussed at the last workshop. Under Prop. 64, commercial facilities are required to be 600 <br />feet from schools, day care centers and youth centers. However, cities have the option of specifying a different <br />standard—which could be smaller or larger. <br />When applied to a map of Truckee, what does this separation standard look like? <br />As you can see, due to the number and size of the School District’s properties used for schools, and the number <br />and location of day care and youth centers, a majority of the town’s commercial and manufacturing areas would <br />be prohibited from allowing cannabis businesses. It is important to keep in mind that this map only reflects the <br />State’s existing regulations. If the Council wants to retract or expand the areas eligible for cannabis businesses, <br />the Council has that option at their disposal. <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />CANNABIS DIALOGUETOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />WORKSHOP NO. 3 APRIL 13, 2017