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CANNABIS DIALOGUE <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE WORKSHOP NO. 4 <br />MAY 11, 2017 <br />CANNABIS REGULATIONS ALLOWED USES ZONING DISTRICTS ALLOWED TAXATION OTHER FEATURES <br />SA <br />C <br />R <br />A <br />M <br />E <br />N <br />T <br />O <br />, <br /> <br />C <br />A <br />Regulates personal cultivation - no fees, <br />but must register with the city to cultivate <br />Traffic study required with submittal for any project <br />which will generate more than 80 pm peak hour trips <br />Separation requirements: 1,000’ from public or <br />private schools (pre-12), 300’ from community <br />facilities, 1,000’ substance abuse centers <br />Dispensaries within Industrial zones are required <br />to be located on a parcel within 1,000’ of the <br />following intersection: McCarran Blvd and Glendale <br />Blvd; McCarran Blvd and Greg St; or Rock Blvd <br />and Glendale Ave Dispensaries may not apply for <br />major deviations to separation requirements. <br />Dispensaries <br />Production/ <br />manufacturing <br />Cultivation <br />Testing facility <br />Dispensaries - moratorium, no more <br />permits to be issued <br />Cultivation - Agricultural, General <br />Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Light <br />Industrial, and Heavy Industrial <br />Manufacturing and Testing Facilities- <br />General Commercial, Heavy <br />Commercial, Light Industrial, Heavy <br />Industrial, Manufacturing Industrial <br />Park, and Manufacturing Research <br />Development <br />Must submit a security plan and neighborhood responsibility plan (to address impacts on the surrounding area) <br />with applciation <br /> <br />City officials may enter and inspect the site at any reasonable time; may inspect and demand copies of <br />records (except for private medical records) <br />NE <br />V <br />A <br />D <br />A <br /> <br />C <br />I <br />T <br />Y <br />, <br /> <br />C <br />A <br />Allows only 1 medical cannabis business with a <br />12-month review to determine impacts. If there are <br />no impacts, Council may vote to expand the number of <br />dispensaries to 3. If there are impacts or Council takes <br />no action, number of dispensaries will be limited to 1. <br />Separation requirements: 600’ from schools and public <br />parks <br />Dispensaries only; <br />does not allow <br />any other medical <br />cannabis related <br />businesses (the city is <br />currently considering <br />allowing other uses, <br />however) <br />General Business (GB) zoning district <br />except within the Historic Overlay <br />District <br />Local Business <br />Light Industrial <br />Dispensary permit does not grant land-use entitlement Permit expires after 12 month Cannot transfer dispensary <br />permit to another business/operator <br />Permit requires hold-harmless agreement with City <br />Must submit storage and transportation plan with permit application <br />Limits hours of operation to between 8am & 8pm <br />No outdoor storage of any products <br />Odor control devices required so that no odor can be detected off-site <br />Security measures required - 24 hour surveillance, safes/vaults, sensors, panic buttons, “buzz-in”entry only, <br />on-site security personnel, etc. <br />Permit allows city officials to inspect the business/premises at any time during hours of operation without notice <br />Considering adopting an ordinance to allow cultivation, manufacturing, testing facilities, and transportation/ <br />distribution uses - currently in the public comment process <br />SA <br />N <br />T <br />A <br /> <br />R <br />O <br />S <br />A <br />, <br /> <br />C <br />A <br />Allows only 2 dispensaries to be established <br />within first 6 months from when the ordanince was <br />adopted (2005); the City Manager may consider new <br />applications beyond the first 2. Only 2 dispensaries <br />currently exist and the City Manager is not considering <br />new dispensaries <br />Dispensaries <br />Cultivation <br />Manufacturing (non- <br />volatile only) <br />Testing Facilities <br />Distribution/ <br />Transportation <br />Office Commercial <br />Light Industrial <br />General Industrial <br />Business Park <br />Allows personal cultivation but does not regulate -- growers must abide by state requirements <br />Does not modify the state’s separation requirements <br />Does not add additional reguations or requirements beyond those set forth by the state <br />Requires a Neighborhood Meeting Application if cannabis related use occurs within 300’ of a residential use <br />The city appears to be considering new regulations for medical and nonmedical cannabis uses