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CANNABIS DIALOGUE <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE WORKSHOP NO. 4 <br />MAY 11, 2017 <br />CANNABIS REGULATIONS ALLOWED USES ZONING DISTRICTS ALLOWED TAXATION OTHER FEATURES <br />RE <br />N <br />O <br />, <br /> <br />N <br />V <br />Prohibits smokiung or consumption of cannabis on <br />premises of cannabis establishment <br />Separation requirements: 1,000’ from public/private <br />school (pre-12) and 300’ from community facility <br />Requires a security plan at application submittal <br />All applications go through discretionary Council <br />review <br />Display of cannabis/products is prohibited <br />Allows permission for entry to and reasonable <br />inspection of the establishment by the license division, <br />chief of police, fire chief, or their designees with or <br />without notice <br />Production facility <br /> <br />Cultivation facility <br /> <br />Dispensaries <br /> <br />Independent testing <br />laboratory <br />Arterial Commercial <br />Community Commercial <br />Industrial <br />Industrial Commercial <br />Industrial Business <br />Downtown Reno Regional Center <br />Overlay District <br />Redfield Regional Center Overlay <br />District <br />South Virginia Street Transit Corridor <br />Overlay District <br />Plumb Lane Crossing Overlay District <br />East 4th Street Transit Overlay District <br />North Virginia Street Overlay District <br />State taxes medical <br />sales at 2%, unclear if <br />local jurisdictions can <br />modify <br />Proposed bills show <br />tax increasing to 5% <br />for medical and 10% <br />for recreational <br />City Council review is required for medical cannabis businesses. The Council has the authority to place <br />conditions of approval on any license issued, which may include, by way of example, and without <br />limitation***: <br /> <br />- A limitation of the products and services to be produced or sold <br />- Hours of operation <br />- Accounting requirements <br />- Restrictions on signs and advertisements <br />- Acknowledgement that the applicant and the property owner understands applicable federal, state local <br />laws <br />- Hold Harmless agreement <br />- Surety bond <br />- Certificate of insurance <br />- Addressing the current federal priorities relating to the conflict between state and federal marijuana laws <br />Cannot be adjacent to residentially zoned parcels (***These are summaries of ordinance sections; RMC Chapter <br />5.21 should be consulted for the actual language) <br />Proposed state legislature would allow medical facilities to sell recreational cannabis Other states (CO, OR, <br />WA) do not allow medical and recreational sales within same facility <br />State recreational bill prohibits personal cultivation within 25 miles of a dispensary <br />SP <br />A <br />R <br />K <br />S <br />, <br /> <br />N <br />V <br />Regulates personal cultivation - no fees, <br />but must register with the city to cultivate <br />Traffic study required with submittal for any project <br />which will generate more than 80 pm peak hour trips <br />Separation requirements: 1,000’ from public or <br />private schools (pre-12), 300’ from community <br />facilities, 1,000’ substance abuse centers <br />Dispensaries within Industrial zones are required <br />to be located on a parcel within 1,000’ of the <br />following intersection: McCarran Blvd and Glendale <br />Blvd; McCarran Blvd and Greg St; or Rock Blvd <br />and Glendale Ave Dispensaries may not apply <br />for major diviations to separation requirements <br />Dispensaries <br />Production/ <br />manufacturing <br />Cultivation <br />Testing facility <br />Dispensaries: Commercial, Mixed Use <br />Commercial and Industrial zoning <br />districts <br /> <br />Production, cultivation and testing <br />facilities: Industrial <br />Hours of operation limits and location limits depending on zoning district in which business is located. <br />No drive throughs; no on-site consumption <br />Businesses must submit biproducts/waste disposal plan and public safety plan <br />Limits the number of dispensaries, limits production, cultivation and testing facilities to Industrial zoning <br />districts only <br />Limits hours of deliveries for loading and unloading <br />Allows every official and police officer access to every part of the premises at any time when business is open <br />and at all other reasonable times <br />Requires annual inspections <br />Personal/self growers are required to register with the City