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community development department <br />WORKSHOP NO. 2CANNABIS DIALOGUE <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />WORKSHOP NO. 4 MAY 11, 2017 <br />RECAP OF WORKSHOP #3 <br />On April 13th, the Truckee Town Council hosted the third is a series of four workshops for the Cannabis Dialogue. The <br />purpose of this workshop was to discuss personal and commercial cultivation and to gather community feedback. <br />Approximately 80 people participated and a large number provided public comment on cultivation topics. Town staff <br />also provided information on lessons learned from several Colorado and Oregon cities who have already tackled a number <br />of cannabis issues. The Council asked for more lessons learned information from California and Nevada cities who have <br />allowed cannabis businesses. Town staff has compiled the enclosed information to assist the Council’s understanding of <br />these issues. <br />LESSONS LEARNED FROM CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA <br />The Town of Truckee has previously prohibited all medical marijuana businesses; however, other cities across the State <br />and certain cities in Nevada have allowed these businesses. We can look to them to understand how their cities have <br />addressed the cannabis industry and learn from their successes and challenges. The enclosed tables depictsseveral cities <br />in both California and Nevada and how they have chosen to regulate and tax medical cannabis. Most importantly, staff <br />asked each jurisdiction what types of lessons they could pass on to us. As you will see, there is a high level of variation in <br />how these cities approach regulating cannabis businesses.