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Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />Repairs due to water damage - living area <br />10505 MARTIS VALLEY RD, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />R - Remodel Residential Remodel <br />Permit Issued <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:19-551-59-000$36,364 1,681 <br />Owner:WALDEN DONALD M ETAL <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:FIVE STAR RESTRATION & CONSTRUCTION, INC. <br />Other: <br />5204 SPRING RIDGE WAY , FAIRFIELD, CA 94534 <br />2372 GOLD RIVER ROAD , GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 <br />12/2/2015 12/2/2015 <br />Permit#2015-00001150 Total Fees:$562.79 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />Install a gas fireplace and add new gas line. <br />16260 UTE DR, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />M / E / P Mechanical Electrical Plumbing <br />Permit Issued <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:17-120-19-000$5,335 <br />Owner:CARKEY DANA A & DORIS E TRSTES <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:BRIMER CONSTRUCTION & PLUMBING <br />Other: <br />24828 ACROPOLIS DR , MISSION VIEJO, CA 92691 <br />12/2/2015 <br />Permit#2015-00001151 Total Fees:$279.29 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />153Pageof12/7/2015 10:34 AMDate/Time Reported: <br />Town of Truckee Permit Detail Report