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Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />Re-Roof - (8.5 Squares) - Remove existing comp roof and install <br />15745 PINE ST, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />Re-Roof Re-Roof <br />Permit Issued <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:17-242-01-000$5,400 850 <br />Owner:KRELLE WILLIAM D & NANCY TRSTE ETAL <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:NICKERSON ROOFING <br />Other: <br />16 WOODDALE DR , PETALUMA, CA 94952 <br />16615 GLENSHIRE DRIVE TRUCKEE, CA , TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />10/20/2015 <br />Permit#2015-00001009 Total Fees:$235.40 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />Status: <br />Description: <br />Site: <br />Applied: <br />Residential Solar - Install 5.46 kw PV Solar System on South <br />15666 ALDER CREEK RD, TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />Issued: <br />Type: <br />Final: <br />R - Solar PV Residential - Solar Photovoltaic <br />Permit Completed <br />APN:SQ FT:Value:46-350-12-000$10,000 <br />Owner:EASTERBROOK JAMES T & AMY L <br />ContractorPermit Issued To: <br />Contractor:DANIEL FRAIMAN CONSTRUCTION <br />Other: <br />15666 ALDER CREEK RD , TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />11775 ALDER DRIVE TRUCKEE, CA , TRUCKEE, CA 96161 <br />8/3/2015 10/7/2015 10/21/2015 <br />Permit#2015-00000700 Total Fees:$207.30 Balance Due:$0.00 <br />Subdivision: <br />312Pageof10/26/2015 2:24 PMDate/Time Reported: <br />Town of Truckee Permit Detail Report