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TOWN OP <br /> rhJCKE <br /> NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETINGS REGARDING THE <br /> FORMATION OF THE TRUCKEE REDEVELOPMENT AREA <br /> PROJECT AREA COMMITTEE(PAC) <br /> Background: <br /> The Town of Truckee is considering the formation of a Redevelopment Project Area which includes the <br /> parcels shown on Exhibit A on the reverse side of this notice. To encourage citizen involvement in the <br /> redevelopment planning process, a Project Area Committee(PAC) is being,formed. The PAC is <br /> composed of residents,businesses,property owners,community organizations, and other nonprofit <br /> organizations within the proposed Project Area. If you do not own property,rent property, or operate a <br /> business within the project area you are riot eligible to serve on the PAC.PAC members are elected at an <br /> election which will be scheduled in April 1998.The PAC will act as an advisory committee to the Town <br /> Council regarding the proposed Redevelopment Plan.PAC responsibilities include reviewing the <br /> Redevelopment Plan,making recommendations regarding specific public projects,reviewing potential <br /> impacts of the Redevelopment Plan on low/moderate income housing,and advising on implementation <br /> activities. The PAC will be responsible for submitting a formal recommendation on the Redevelopment <br /> Plan to the Town Council. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer member on the PAC you are <br /> encouraged to attend the following public meeting: <br /> February 19, 1998,6:00 p.m.: The Town will hold a public meeting to explain the establishment of, <br /> functions of,and opportunity to serve on the PAC.Materials will be distributed and participants will <br /> begin to determine potential nominations for the PAC.Following the public informational meeting,the <br /> Truckee Town Council will adopt PAC election procedures. Location: Town Hall, 11570 Donner Pass <br /> Road,Truckee, California. <br /> Additional Meetings Concerning PAC Formation: <br /> The PAC election is tentatively scheduled-for April 16, 1998.Election ballots and additional information <br /> will be mailed to all individuals who are eligible to vote for the PAC . <br /> May 7, 1998,6:00 p.m.: The Town Council will consider approving by Resolution,the members of the <br /> Town of Truckee Redevelopment Area PAC and a fmding that the election procedures were followed. <br /> Location: Town Hall,11570 Donner Pass Road,Truckee,California. <br /> The elected members of the PAC will begin meetings shortly after the election is verified in May 1998. <br /> PAC meetings will be facilitated by Town of Truckee staff. <br /> For more information please contact Elizabeth Eddins, senior planner, at the Town of Trµckee <br /> Planning Division(530) 582-7876. <br />