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<br />Town Council Department Heads <br /> <br />Tony Lashbrook, Town Manager <br />Alicia Barr, Mayor <br />Andy Morris, Town Attorney <br /> <br />Adam McGill, Chief of Police <br />Joan deRyk Jones, Vice Mayor <br />John McLaughlin, Community Development Director <br /> <br />Kim Szczurek, Administrative Services Director <br />Carolyn Wallace Dee, Council Member <br />Judy Price, Town Clerk <br />Patrick Flora, Council Member <br />Alex Terrazas, Assistant Town Manager <br />Morgan Goodwin, Council Member <br />Daniel Wilkins, Public Works Director/Town Engineer <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />March 6, 2015 <br /> <br />REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT <br />ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM OPERATOR <br /> <br />The Town of Truckee (Town) is proposing to make application to the Community <br />Development Block Grant – Economic Development (CDBG-ED) Program for <br />funding to provide both Business Assistance and Microenterprise Assistance Loan <br />Programs. The Town of Truckee is requesting proposals from qualified consultant <br />firms to provide CDBG Economic Development Program Operator services. These <br />services may include, but not limited to, program marketing, application processing, <br />establishing applicant eligibility, underwriting, training and education and reporting. <br /> <br />Proposal Format <br /> <br />Proposals shall be submitted on 8 ½ x 11- inch paper and include all of the following: <br /> <br />1. Project Title. <br /> <br />2. Firm information: Name, address and phone number of the firm. <br /> <br />3. Contact Information: Name, phone number and email address of contact <br />person. <br /> <br />4. A brief history and summary of your firm’s qualifications, including a <br />statement of your firm’s policy regarding affirmative action, and indication if <br />your firm is a small business and/or minority or woman owned business <br />and/or a Section 3 business. Include your firm’s experience as it pertains to: <br /> <br /> <br /> CDBG -ED grant requirements, eligibility, federal overlays, <br />implementation, underwriting requirements and eligibility requirements. <br /> <br /> Economic development loan programs and requirements. <br />___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA 96161-3306 <br /> <br />Administration: 530-582-7700 / Fax: 530-582-7710 / email: <br />Community Development: 530-582-7820 / Fax: 530-582-7889 / email: <br /> Animal Services/Vehicle Abatement: 530-582-7830 / Fax: 530-582-7889 / email: <br />Police Department: 530-550-2328 / Fax: 530-550-2326 / email: <br />Printed on recycled paper. <br /> <br />