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Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />2. Proposed Scope of Work <br /> <br />A discussion of the general tasks and timeline your firm proposes to carry out the <br />requested services. (The consultant will be expected to work with the Town to <br />finalize the specific tasks to be included in each grant application as some items <br />may be shared with Town staff). <br /> <br /> <br />3. Project Personnel and availability <br /> <br />List key personnel and assigned services. <br /> <br />4. Cost of proposed services <br /> <br />Include cost estimates for preparation of grant applications. Include the hourly cost <br />for all personnel. The awarded firm will negotiate on a project by project basis for <br />the fee for each project, program or service. <br /> <br />Requested Scope of Work <br /> <br />The Scope of Work includes ongoing services to the Town with the CDBG Economic <br />Development and other economic development grant programs for up to a three- <br />year period on an as needed basis. It may include (1) the development of the work <br />program for the Town’s participation in the CDBG Economic Development and other <br />related programs and projects; (2) advising the Town on how to complete a CDBG <br />Economic Development Allocation application for eligible activities and <br />implementing and administering the grant, if awarded; (3) preparation of other <br />reports and studies as may be necessary; (4) advising the Town of the availability of <br />additional sources of funds, and (5) Portfolio implementation and management. <br /> <br />Selection Process <br /> <br />The Town of Truckee staff will review the proposals and recommend a consultant to <br />the Town Council based on the following selection criteria: <br /> <br />1. General firm and/or individual experience <br />2. Specific grant application, implementation and administration <br />3. Knowledge of the Town of Truckee <br />4. Capacity to perform the Scope of Work <br />5. Staff availability <br />6. Hourly rate schedule <br /> <br />The Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted, to request <br />clarification of services submitted, to request additional information from competitors, <br />and to waive any irregularity in the proposal and review as long as Town procedures <br />remain consistent with the State Department of Housing and Community <br />Development (HCD) procurement requirements. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />