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5.3 <br />J OERGER RANCH SPECIFIC PLAN T RANSPORTATION | C HAPTER 5 <br />Key circulation goals are as follows: <br />Goal CIR-1: Develop a roadway system that <br />provides access and mobility for Truckee residents <br />and businesses and adequately serves existing <br />and planned land uses while maintaining local <br />community character. <br />Goal CIR-2: Maintain adequate Level of Service <br />on Truckee’s roadways and intersections to ensure <br />the safe and effi cient movement of people and goods <br />throughout the Town. <br />Goal CIR-4: Create new developments that are <br />integrated into the circulation network and promote <br />connectivity within and between community areas. <br />Goal CIR-10: Provide a safe, comprehensive, <br />and integrated System of facilities for pedestrians <br />and cyclists and other non-motorized modes of <br />transportation. <br />Additionally the key element specifi c to Joerger <br />Ranch identifi ed in the Town’s General Plan <br />Circulation element states as follows: <br />Per General Plan Policy PC3-P8, the mix of land <br />uses in the Joerger Ranch Specifi c Plan will not <br />generate an amount of traffi c that, in addition to the <br />buildout of the General Plan, will result in the need <br />for four lanes on Highway 267 from Highway 80 <br />to the Highway 267/Brockway Road/Soaring Way <br />intersection. <br />Th e Joerger Ranch Specifi c Plan improves existing <br />roadway circulation patterns by improving existing <br />roadways & intersections with added lanes, striping, <br />crosswalks and new bicycle and pedestrian links. <br />Th ese improvements help support the diff erent land <br />uses within Joerger Ranch and integrate the needs <br />of motorized vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians alike <br />for safe conveyance of travel. Detached bike paths, <br />FIGURE 5-2 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION