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C HAPTER 5 |TRANSPORTATION J OERGER RANCH SPECIFIC PLAN <br />5.2 <br />1 | Introduction <br />Th is chapter describes the vehicle, pedestrian and <br />transit systems within the Joerger Ranch Plan Area <br />and the respective relationships planned to interface <br />with the existing and future road, trails and bikeways <br />network . <br />Unlike many new development areas, there is <br />already a signifi cant existing public road and <br />highway network that serves Joerger Ranch and the <br />greater Truckee Area. Th e existing road and highway <br />network (see Figure 5-1) provides easy access to and <br />from the plan area. Th e site is bisected by State Route <br />Highway 267, creating separate development areas <br />with varying levels of highway visibility. Similarly, <br />but to a lesser degree, Soaring Way and Brockway <br />Road further separate the development into four <br />(4) quadrants within the Planning Area. SR 267 is <br />an existing State Highway and direct access from the <br />highway to the development is restricted. Brockway <br />Road and Soaring Way are existing minor arterial <br />roadways, and provide the primary access to the <br />Plan area. <br />Th e Joerger Ranch Specifi c Plan is designed to provide <br />vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle circulation within <br />the Planning Area and is consistent with the Goals, <br />Policies and Guidelines of the General Plan and the <br />Town’s Trails and Bikeways Master Plan. <br />FIGURE 5-1 ROADWAY NETWORK