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A.1 <br />The following Consistency Matrix is a comprehensive analysis of this Specific Plan’s consistency with the Guiding <br />Principles, Land Use Designations, Goals & Policies of the Town of Truckee 2025 General Plan. It is comprehensive in <br />that it references each applicable component of the 2025 General Plan to PC-3. <br />General Plan Chapter <br />(Guiding Principals, Goals & Policies) <br />Joerger Ranch Specific Plan <br />Consistency Summary <br />Chapter 2 – Land Use Element (Guiding Principles) <br />Manage projected growth within the planning period (2005 to 2025). <br />Provide sufficient land identified for development to account for <br />unbuildable residential lots and to insure competition and flexibility in <br />Commercial and Industrial land uses. <br />Commercial and Industrial land uses are <br />proposed. <br />Preserve the important qualities of Truckee’s community character <br />through appropriate land use patterns and locations. <br />Land use patterns and locations are consistent <br />with 2025 General Plan. <br />Locate significant new development around existing developed areas.Located adjacent to existing development. <br />Locate the highest density and intensity of development on infill sites <br />within existing developed areas. <br />Site is infill site within existing developed area. <br />Designate an adequate amount of land for commercial and industrial <br />uses to accommodate projected demand and fulfill economic <br />diversification goals. Continue to locate freeway-oriented commercial <br />development only at the existing developed interchanges with <br />Interstate 80 at Donner Pass Road/Cold Stream Road and at State Route <br />89 South. Ensure high quality design for freeway-oriented commercial <br />development in those areas. <br />Site designated for commercial and industrial <br />development by 2025 General Plan. <br />Freeway reference is not applicable. <br />Prevent “commercial sprawl” in Truckee.Infill site designated for commercial, industrial, <br />and high density residential development in the <br />2025 General Plan. <br />Improve the character and visual quality of development in the <br />Gateway area and along the Brockway Road corridor, and along the <br />Truckee River in the Downtown Study Area. <br />Character and visual quality will be regulated <br />by Design Guidelines and Specific Plan within <br />Chapter 4 and future Development Permit <br />processes. <br />Prevent the negative visual impact of mass parking lots and large single <br />building forms. <br />Design Standards & Guidelines have been <br />provided in Chapter 4. <br />Promote mixed-use development in Commercial areas. The mix can <br />include office, residential, service and or/retail uses. <br />Site plan layout provides parking in multiple areas <br />screened by building and landscaping. Larger <br />areas of parking are located towards interior of <br />site, father from off-site view and screened by <br />buildings. <br />Ensure adequate provision of public services and infrastructure to <br />support planned residential and non-residential development in <br />suitable locations. <br />Adequate public services and infrastructure will <br />be constructed in accordance with Chapters 5 <br />and 7. <br /> Appendix A – 2025 General Plan Consistency Matrix