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TAHOE - TRUCKEE SANITATION AGENCY <br />A Public Agency Directors <br />13720 Butterfield Drive O.R. Butterfield <br />TRUCKEE, CALIFORNIA 96161 Dale Cox <br />(530) 587 -2525 • FAX (530) 587 -5840 Erik Henrikson <br />S. Lane Lewis <br />Jon Northrop <br />General Manager <br />Marcia A. Beals <br />VIA U.S. MAIL AND E -MAIL <br />11 November 2014 <br />Town of Truckee Planning Division <br />Attention: Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br /> <br />RE: Comments on Canyon Springs Limited Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report <br />Dear Ms. Nishimori: <br />The Tahoe - Truckee Sanitation Agency (T -TSA) has received the Notice of Availability (NOA) <br />you sent us for the Proposed Canyon Springs Subdivision Project (Project). T -TSA staff have <br />reviewed these materials and offers the following comments <br />T -TSA provides regional wastewater treatment service to the properties that lie within the <br />Agency's five member sewage collection districts - the North Tahoe Public Utility District, the <br />Tahoe City Public Utility District, the Alpine Springs County Water District. the Squaw Valley <br />Public Service District, and the Truckee Sanitary District (TSD). T -TSA also serves Northstar by <br />way of an agreement between TSD and the Northstar Community Services District. T -TSA <br />owns, operates and maintains the Truckee River Interceptor (TRI), a main trunk line for raw <br />sewage conveyance, and the Tahoe - Truckee Sanitation Aj=ency Water Reclamation Plant (WRP), <br />both of which are described in more detail below. <br />The 17 -mile long TRI pipeline runs along the Truckee River corridor between Tahoe City and <br />the WRP in Truckee. The interceptor flows exclusively by gravity and varies in size from 24- to <br />42- inches in diameter. The interceptor conveys all of the untreated, raw sewage collected from <br />the northern and western shores of Lake Tahoe. Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Truckee, and <br />Northstar. <br />The WRP regional facility is designed to treat and dispose of the sewage delivered by the TRI. <br />Through a series of biological, chemical and physical processes, the wastewater is purified to a <br />degree where surface and ground water quality is protected. Wastewater flow to the facility <br />varies in quantity and quality in proportion to the population present during the year. The WRP <br />is principally sized to treat the maximum sewage flows that occur during peak holiday periods <br />with the large influx of seasonal residents and visitors. <br />NORTH TAHOE • TAHOE CITY • ALPINE SPRINGS • SQUAW VALLEY • TRUCKEE <br />