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11/4/2014 <br />To: Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, Ca. 96161 <br /> <br />RE; Comments for Canyon Springs RDEIR <br />Dear Denyelle , <br />The following are comments and concerns regarding the adequacy of the RDEIR for the proposed Canyon Springs housing <br />development: <br />Beginning on page 2 -3 the revised draft touches on the subject of "Drainage and Grading ". The revised draft fails to <br />address the problems of increased sedimentation that will unquestionably result from this development. Increased sediment <br />in the Glenshire pond, as a result of the Canyon Springs development, could easily create a "nutritive state" in the pond. In <br />a "nutritive state" the resulting lack of oxygen would lead to a massive die -off of the entire fish population in the pond. The <br />ensuing stench would necessitate an extensive and costly clean-up. In mitigation of this threat on -going monitoring should be <br />paid for by the Canyon Springs developers . Any clean-up in the pond should also be paid for by the same developers. <br />Exact funding contingencies need to be spelled -out as well as exact year -round monitoring procedures. Durable sediment <br />traps spanning the complete width of the floodplain should be positioned just above the Glenshire pond and just upstream <br />of the Glenshire Drive culverts in die same drainage. <br />Thank you for allownig me to address my concerns regarding the RDEIR for Canyon Springs. <br />10468 Evensham Pl.. <br />Truckee, Ca. 96161 <br />587 -8473 jandgbrooks <br />