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October 13, 2014 <br />Town of Truckee, <br />How much time, money and effort has been spent to say a few simple words?: <br />NO TO CANYON SPRINGS!!!!! <br />Or whatever it has been called over the past twenty-five years! <br />Figuring it out mathematically based on the law of averages is dumbfounding as the <br />excess of everything entailed is abusive to everyone involved, current residents-- <br />human and wildlife alike. The only ones who stand to profit are the landowners of <br />the 284 acre conjoined parcels. <br />Saying NO TO CANYON SPRINGS! Is easy: <br />#1. Increased traffic @185-370 vehicle trips per day @ 2 vehicles per household <br />at build-out. Way too much traffic, Suburban sprawl is already ugly! <br />That’s NO to Canyon Springs! <br />#2. Increased Construction Traffic for the Duration of Build-out. Disgusting! The <br />other day I counted fifteen gravel dual-transfer dump trucks back and forth as <br />the re-construction of Glenshire dr has affected the flow of traffic. It sounds like <br />the streets of Fremont, San Jose or Redwood City. Disgusting! Increase of <br />construction workers coming up from Reno…disgusting! <br />NO to Canyon Springs! <br />#3. Yes, Decreased property values—ghost development…despicable! <br />No to Canyon Springs! <br />#4. As we are going in to our 4th consecutive year of Drought, The Truckee River is <br />barely flowing, the reservoirs so very low, water restrictions through-out the <br />state. Any future development should be banned as WATER, our most important <br />resource will diminish not only in quality, but quantity! Will there be enough water <br />to sustain what we already have in the coming years? Brutal! <br />NO to Canyon Springs!