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1 <br />Laura Dabe <br />From:Denyelle Nishimori <br />Sent:Tuesday, October 14, 2014 1:10 PM <br />To:Laura Dabe; Terri McCracken ( <br />Subject:Canyon Springs public comment #3 <br />  <br />From: Maxine [] <br />Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2014 1:51 PM <br />To: Denyelle Nishimori <br />Subject: canyon springs <br /> <br />As a Glenshire resident I am very concerned regarding the negative impacts of Canyon <br />Springs. When Glenshire was originally planned it was considered to be a community for <br />second home owners with somewhat of a horse culture. It has become everything but <br />that. Who knows what Canyon Springs will bring? <br /> <br />Traffic is a major concern of mine. Traffic is already congested during certain times of the <br />day. It is difficult to make a left hand turn onto Glenshire Drive coming from the store. If <br />the increased use of the Hirschdale Exit while work is being done on Glenshire Drive is a <br />preview to what is to come I think Canyon Springs would have a negative impact. Perhaps a <br />stop light would be in the future? Feasibility studies may look fine on paper but you really <br />have to experience congested times to realize the impact. <br /> <br />Glenshire Drive between here and town has been improved. However Glenshire Drive within <br />the community is showing wear and tear. Additional cars and travel created will contribute <br />to more deterioration of the mainly traveled roads. Are we willing to absorb this cost? <br /> <br />I am also concerned that Wild Fire Evacuations would be challenging with additional cars <br />from another housing development on the road. Canyon Springs needs another major exit <br />besides Glenshire Drive if it is to be developed. If this cannot be done then Canyon Springs <br />shouldn't be allowed. <br /> <br />I think that Water purity and abundance should be a primary concern. We here in Glenshire <br />already have arsenic levels in our water that push Federal Standards. What will more <br />development do? <br /> <br />The housing projects within this general area have not even been built out yet. That needs <br />to be figured into the whole picture as to the number of additional households for the area <br />that will impact the environment. <br />