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► . <br /> �, � _,� � .�: :�-:. _.: � �� <br /> 4oO�f4 IXf � ' . . . .. � . .. <br /> ����� �o r <br /> e.�Q6 =�� ,�� � ,,99' ECONOMIC PROGRAM INCENTIVE INITIATIVE <br /> t�sA - orat� <br /> �Q�ees tncorP <br /> PROCESS <br /> The Town of Truckee has allocated$2,450,000 of one-time funds to the Development Fund. The Development Fund provides <br /> a variety of assistance to businesses,property owners and developers. Please see the program guidelines for eligibility require- <br /> ments and eligible types of projects.Program guidelines are available at www Review the guidelines prior <br /> to completing this application. The Town Council will make a11 funding decisions for requests. The Council requires that these <br /> funding decisions be made at a Council meeting. <br /> Note:Submission of applicarion is not a guarantee of funding.'Ihe Town reserves the right to ask for additional information as part <br /> of the review process.If funding is approved the applicant will be contacted by the Town.Incomplete applications may be disquali- <br /> fied from consideration. <br /> Prior to completing the application,it is recommended that the applicant call A1ex Terrazas,Assistant Town Manager at(530) <br /> 582-2914 to discuss the proposed project. <br /> TO APPLY <br /> On a separate document provide a clear and concise description of the project. The response must address the General Fund- <br /> ing Criteria listed in the Program Guidelines which includes a description of the project goals and the need for assistance. In <br /> addition,applicants shall address the Project Specific Funding Criteria also oudined in the Program Guidelines. Responses <br /> are limited to a maximum of four typed pages(or two typed page printed front and back). Please use a minimum of 11 point <br /> font with standard margins. Please print and sign this cover sheet and submit along with responses to the funding criteria <br /> and any applicable supporting documentation. <br /> Submit package to: <br /> Alex Terrazas,Assistant Town Manager <br /> 10183 Truckee Airport Road Truckee,CA 96161 (530)582-2914 <br /> roposed Project Name <br /> Old Truckee Jail Museum Driveway Improvements <br /> d ress o Project: <br /> 10142 Jibboom St., Truckee, CA <br /> ssessor s Parcel Num er(i app ica e : ount o Fun ' g Requeste <br /> $30,000.00 <br /> rie Project Description: <br /> Improve driveway and walkway area leading up and into the Memorial Garden behind the Old Jail <br /> Museum. This would be in conjunction with the current Brickelltown Sidewalk Project so as to create a <br /> contineous design for the public use of the Memorial Garden as a pocket park for the Downtown Area. <br /> Continues on back <br />