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<br />September 25, 2013 <br />Jenna Endres <br />Associate Planner <br />Truckee Town Hall <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee CA 96161 <br />RE: Appeal Hearing Before the Truckee Town Council: Affirm the Planning Commission’s <br />Denial of the Proposed Tahoe Donner Marina Expansion Project & Undisclosed Event Center at <br />Donner Lake <br />Dear Ms. Endres: <br />The Tahoe Area Sierra Club applauds and fully supports the Town of Truckee Planning <br />Commissions’ unanimous decision to deny the proposed Tahoe Donner marina expansion <br />project. After two hearings, a site visit, and many hours of trying to work with the applicant to <br />obtain compliance with the Town of Truckee ordinances, the applicant’s obstinate pursuit of <br />waivers of Town codes and policies was properly denied. <br />This project has received unprecedented community and statewide opposition, with over 40 <br />comment letters including California State Parks and California Fish and Wildlife. Over 100 <br />petitioners opposed the project. <br />We have reviewed the latest proposed changes in the Tahoe Donner Association’s [TDA] appeal <br />of the denial of their Marina Expansion project and undisclosed event center. The reduced <br />logging and proposed water pollution controls are modest improvements, but as disclosed at the <br />last two public hearings, the applicant persists in trying to circumvent existing zoning and <br />development code rules in order to obtain a permit for an event and party center, segmenting the <br />project without proper environmental evaluation of the noise, traffic, congestion, parking and <br />light pollution impacts to surrounding residents and the Donner Lake Memorial State Park and <br />the public.1 <br />                                                                                                                           <br />1 <br />Plan.pdf      See also: Jan 2013 Handout G-Director-of-Capital-Projects-Report.pdf Attached.