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Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Rd. <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br /> <br /> <br />Re: Comments on the Canyon Springs DEIR March 6, 2013 <br /> <br />Dear Ms. Nishimori, <br /> <br />Thank you for reviewing the many public comments on the Draft Environmental Impact <br />Report for Canyon Springs (CS). Your job is a complex one, and the sheer volume of <br />information coming in from all parties must be overwhelming. We appreciate your <br />diligence, objectivity, and collected experience throughout this long public process. <br /> <br />There are numerous flaws with this DEIR, as you’ve heard. Overall, the Canyon Springs <br />DEIR doesn’t adequately address several key guidelines that members of this community <br />clearly stated as important in the 2025 General Plan. Going further back to a couple of <br />the points comprising “The Truckee Way,” it is pretty obvious to this resident that a <br />development like Canyon Springs hasn’t exactly come along to reaffirm the unique <br />“Sense of Place” that Truckee residents declared so important: it reads in part that <br />Truckee residents seek to “[...] preserve and protect the environment and quality of life <br />which makes Truckee an attractive place to live and visit.” A 20-year, multistage <br />development on the far eastern edge of town easily qualifies as rural sprawl, and it <br />certainly doesn’t improve the quality of life for nearby residents, for the residents who <br />must endure all of that sprawling subdivisions’ ingress and egress, or for the taxpayers <br />who get to foot the bill for creation and maintenance of all the additional infrastructure <br />required to service that sprawl. How exactly will Canyon Springs will improve our <br />existing quality of life while simultaneously eliminating or mitigating all of the very real <br />impacts that CEQA requires the developer consider? If the ways in which the <br />development of CS will add to the existing quality of life that we enjoy in Truckee cannot <br />be stated succinctly and incontrovertibly understood by all stakeholders, and welcomed <br />by the neighboring community, the project’s legitimacy should be seriously reevaluated. <br /> <br />But specifically, the Canyon Springs DEIR, as required by CEQA, fails to adequately <br />address critical issues affecting everyone in Truckee (especially Glenshire and Olympic <br />Heights residents). Juxtaposed with Truckee’s General Plan, we see elements in the <br />following sections of the DEIR (among others) as significantly flawed and needing <br />significant revision. <br /> <br />Chapter 4-14, Transportation Traffic <br />Chapter 4-4, Biological Resources <br />Chapter 4-7, Greenhouse Gas Emissions <br />Chapter 4-9, Hydrology Water Quality <br /> <br />Re. DEIR Chapter 4-14, Transportation Traffic <br />From the Truckee General Plan: “The Circulation Element … addresses, as a central