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new development, it would create many more problems. The consultant from Berkley <br />made a reference to the number of trips that would be generated from this community <br />at 2,578 vehicles per day one way. He went on to mention that equates to <br />approximately 1 car every 45 seconds. Then, he said that he would be happy if that is <br />what he would see on his street in Berkley. Two things come to mind here: first off this <br />is Truckee not Berkley, two completely different communities, and second this number <br />is actually going to double because all those trips one way need to come back home. <br />So if this is true, would the correct number of vehicle trips be more like 5,156 or 1 car <br />every 23 seconds? Another concern, that I was unable to find any data on was the <br />extra amounts of noxious fumes that will be generated by the increase of vehicle travel. <br />Again, please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the state of California has <br />stated that these gases can cause Cancer. Why would we want to expose more of our <br />citizens to increases of dangerous fumes? <br />It was also mentioned that the residents of this community would most likely travel the <br />shorts distance and time route to get to town. This route was for these residents to <br />travel on Juniper Hills Rd. to Glenshire Dr. then down towards Interstate 80, and off to <br />town or Reno. I have to disagree with this statement that they will mainly travel this <br />route, because they are here to see the beauty of our community and Glenshire Dr. <br />with the Truckee River flowing past is fantastic at the least. There is much more to our <br />community than breaking it down to the fastest route! <br />The Traffic consultant that spoke at the meeting addressed the current dangers of <br />traffic going down Glenshire Drive and White Horse intersection, but failed to address <br />the dangers that currently apply to the intersection of Edinburgh and Belford. Before <br />this project gets approved, I feel that this needs to be addressed immediately even for <br />the use of emergency vehicles. He also failed to mention any of the dangers that would <br />exist on any of the other connecting streets for example Courtney and Summerset. <br />It was encouraging to hear that the Town of Truckee at least acknowledges that there <br />is a problem at the intersection of Glenshire Dr. and Donner Pass Rd. and that they are <br />looking at solutions to fix this problem. It was mentioned that this would have to be <br />resolved before this project would get the go ahead. A few questions come to mind on <br />this topic: Who would fund this project? Is there already money set aside for such a <br />costly change to the road system? When would this project start? Other problems that <br />exist on Glenshire Dr. that made very little notice are turn lanes or lack of to enter <br />Olympic Heights and that there is NO bike lanes on Glenshire Dr. <br />One of the consultants mentioned that he looked into the police reports dealing with <br />accidents involving bicycles on Glenshire Dr. and that he found few. This is not a