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Ms. Denyelle Nishimori <br />March 4, 2013 <br />page A-8 <br />Figure 15. Aerial image showing that substantial amounts of disturbance, including placement of <br />impervious or reduced-infiltration cover, can reasonably be expected to occur all the way to the back <br />boundaries of many parcels (asterisks) that are similar to the sizes of those proposed to abut wetlands <br />within the Canyon Springs site. It is infeasible to ensure effective implementation of proposed mitiga- <br />tion measures, therefore significant water quality and indirect wetlands impacts will result. <br />Figure 14. Road construction near the Canyon Springs site, showing ineectiveness of standard BMPs, <br />and continued ow of turbid water, probably containing a lot of clay particles, for many months follow - <br />ing construction. The DEIR is inadequate in not addressing the clay content of the near-surface soils of <br />the site (which will be disturbed in construction) and its consequences for water quality impacts. <br />* <br />* <br />**** <br />***