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March 6, 2013 To: Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner 10183 Truckee Airport Rd. Truckee, CA 96161 Re: Comments for Canyon Springs DEIR Dear Denyelle, We have been fortunate enough to live in Truckee for twenty years and raise our two children here. During that time, we have watched the town grow and be developed. While some development is inevitable and good for the town, we feel the proposed Canyon Springs project does not follow the General Plan that was adopted since we have lived here. The Canyon Springs development does not meet the General Plan guidelines (BOLD) in the following areas: <br />1. LOCATE THE HIGHEST DENSITY AND INTENSITY OF DEVELOPMENT ON INFILL SITES <br />WITHIN EXISTING DEVELOPED AREAS. (p. 2-2) <br /> Canyon Springs is a dense, high intensity development located at the very Eastern edge of our town. It is adjacent to the existing Glenshire development and expands that footprint into valuable and pristine open space. This is definitely not infill development but rather sprawl. <br />2. THE GENERAL PLAN WILL REDUCE THE DEPENDENCE ON THE AUTOMOBILE IN <br />TRUCKEE BY FOSTERING COMPACT DEVELOPMENT AND PROVIDING FOR ALTERNATE <br />MODES OF TRANSPORTATION. (p. 1-7) <br /> This large project will generate in excess of 1,700 additional automobile trips daily on Glenshire Drive. This is the only roadway providing access from both the East and the West and thus will cause congestion and long trips to reach town. Trails in the project do not connect to other trails outside the development, thus there will be no use of alternative modes of transportation or public transportation. <br /> 3. SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT PATTERNS IN THE PLANNING AREA THAT DO NOT <br />NEGATIVELY IMPACT THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE AND THAT ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF <br />LIFE FOR RESIDENTS OF TRUCKEE AND THE WIDER REGION. <br /> (p. 2-65) <br /> Several “ghost developments” already exist in Truckee, and these 185 additional homes have the potential to add to that blight. By reducing the amount of open space, increasing traffic, and upsetting wetlands and animal migration, Canyon Springs will decrease the quality of life in Eastern Truckee. In conclusion, while we are not experts in land use planning, you are. However, we are concerned citizens and potential neighbors of this development, and we fail to see how it fits in with the existing General Plan adopted by the town. Thank you for hearing our concerns. Steve and Diana Yale (530) 587-9259