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inadequate and should be replaced with an adequate wildlife study focusing on the current use <br />of the Canyon Springs site by the Loyalton Truckee deer herd, including the current data <br />observed by CDFW. The DEIR states, "According to CDFG, impacts resulting from residential <br />development and recreational use are currently the biggest concern for the future of this deer <br />herd," (DEIR 4.4 -47). The DEIR states that the impacts to the deer herds would be 'less than <br />significant' without providing evidence or current data to validate the statement (DEIR 4.4 -49). <br />These statements are conflicting and therefore conclude that development at the Canyon <br />Springs site would have a significant negative impact on the herd. The DEIR needs to be revised <br />to include the current CDFW studies and deer herd management plans that apply to the project <br />site. The analysis provided in the DEIR is inadequate and lacking substantial evidence and needs <br />to be revised. <br />4. The Canyon Springs DEIR does not reference the hydrologic processes at the Glenshire Pond and <br />the Truckee River watershed. The Glenshire Pond is a man -made reservoir that withholds runoff <br />from the Union Valley drainage, whose headwaters is located at the Canyon Springs site. <br />According to almost a decade of water quality sampling data publicly accessible from the <br />Truckee River Watershed Council, the effluent stream from the Glenshire Pond is one of the <br />biggest polluters and most notable nutrient effluents into the mainstem of the Truckee River <br />within the middle Truckee River watershed. The addition of the proposed homes and home sites <br />at Canyon Springs would undoubtedly impact the existing hydrologic processes at the Union <br />Valley drainage, the Glenshire Pond and the Truckee River, and needs to be carefully included in <br />an environmental impact analysis of the development. <br />With that my current comments are concluded and I look forward to working with you further through <br />this process. <br />Kind regards, <br />Sara Taddo Jones <br />10927 Dorchester Dr. <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />taddoiones <br />