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Date: March 2, 2013 <br />To Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />Re: Comments for Canyon Springs DEIR <br />Dear Denyelle, <br />MA <br />I <br />The following are comments and concerns regarding the adequacy of the DEIR for the <br />proposed Canyon Springs housing development. The largest impact to the Glenshire and <br />the whole Truckee area would be related to the overall increased traffic due to the high <br />density housing developments as proposed in the Canyon Springs DEIR. <br />Traffic: The DEIR does not address the safety of pedestrians for the Alternative that <br />would allow Edinburg Drive to become a fulltime access to Canyon Springs. My <br />concern is that there are no sidewalks for pedestrians and no room to build them along the <br />roadways. The DEIR has not analyzed the effect that the volume of traffic would pose at <br />the many smaller intersections that have limited sight distances such as Regency Circle, <br />Belford place, Becket Place, Hastings Heights and Courtenay that are not designed for <br />high traffic levels. The DEIR does state that. <br />"The increase in traffic on the local roadways from Somerset Drive to Edinburgh Drive as a <br />result of the proposed project was evaluated. The proposed project is not expected to impact <br />the traffic volumes on these local roadway segments, given that the Edinburgh access point <br />would be gated for emergency access only. Therefore, the proposed project meets the adopted <br />standard for impacts to local residential roadways." <br />Therefore, I suggest that the Alternative that would allow Edinburgh Drive to become a fulltime <br />access be rejected. <br />Traffic: The DEIR also did not take into consideration the cumulative impacts of the <br />added traffic resulting from the Canyon Springs subdivision on Glenshire Drive and the <br />other major intersections such as those that connect to Olympic Heights and the <br />downtown core. The recommendation #1 (to have a double left turn lane from Glenshire <br />Drive onto Donner Pass Road) needs more study because there was no mention of the <br />perennial water course of Trout Creek that closely parallels Glenshire Drive at that <br />intersection. This portion of Trout Creek has been recently reclaimed, revegetated and <br />improved. It does not look like there would be enough room for widening of the <br />Glenshire Drive piece of that intersection without rerouting Trout Creek. (ES -3 <br />Appendix 1) <br />Traffic: The volume of traffic that would use the portion of Glenshire Drive down to <br />Hirschdale Drive is also of high concern because of the limited sight distance of the <br />intersection of Martis Peak Road and Glenshire Drive. This portion of Glenshire Drive is <br />a winding road that has been described as having a higher than normal rate of accidents <br />even before development and the added trips that would number more than 1,000 per day. <br />