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Nedra Benites <br />POB 1450 <br />Truckee, CA. 96160 <br />February 22, 2013 <br />Dear Denyelle Nishimori, <br />;mJ X013$ <br />The Canyon Springs development plan is bad idea on many levels. I know of no one who <br />thinks this development is a good plan except those real estate developers trying to push <br />their agenda for financial gain. The Draft Environmental Impact Report is inaccurate. The <br />negative impacts of this project are numerous and would affect many. <br />Those of us who have lived in this community for years understand the dangers of <br />driving Glenshire Drive on a daily basis and know that the road would not be able to <br />handle the additional vehicles. Presently, there are accidents on this road almost daily <br />during normal winter weather conditions, and it is often closed while emergency <br />personnel work to remove wrecks or to plow and sand certain curves and areas where ice <br />makes safe passage nearly impossible. There are only two ways out of this neighborhood <br />and this makes it completely unsafe for emergency evacuation as it is, let alone with an <br />additional population of cars and construction vehicles on its one road. <br />All of the runoff from disruption of earth, air and noise pollution from construction <br />vehicles and the waste of building materials all contribute to Canyon Springs being a <br />detrimental development. <br />Those of us who have chosen this neighborhood have done so for its character. We have <br />worked hard to own a modest home in a safe, family oriented neighborhood with open <br />space where wildlife can survive. We do not want to see its degradation into another <br />unwanted suburban sprawl, where property values decrease and beauty is ruined by <br />tearing up wildlife habitat in favor of empty lots or useless, uninhabited houses. <br />Glenshire already has a development like this at Elkhorn Ridge, it has remained <br />unchanged for years, nobody wants it! What would make Canyon Springs any different? <br />Please exercise your conscience and do what is right for the safety of homeowners and <br />wildlife in this area. <br />Thank you for your considerations. <br />