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p,bt.IL e�-D 11,o -6> n4 # 3 0 <br />Laura Dabe <br />Subject: FW: Comments for Canyon Springs DEIR <br />From: Eva at Beauty on Location [eva] <br />Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2013 11:45 AM <br />To: Denyelle Nishimori <br />Subject: Comments for Canyon Springs DEIR <br />Dear Denyelle, <br />As a resident and property owner in Glenshire I am deeply concerned about further developing the proposed Canyon <br />Springs housing project for the following reasons: <br />Traffic: Both during construction and afterwards. <br />Firstly: Access for development /construction will require use of Martis Peak Rd /Hirshdale Rd /Interstate 80 hwy. DEIR <br />does not consider impact of 1 -80 closures, inclement weather or accidents. Edinburg Dr would receive large volumes of <br />traffic and use impacts and which the road is not designed for. Project mitigation would need to reduce unit density <br />immensely due to road impacts. <br />Secondly: DEIR did not take into consideration of cumulative impacts on Glenshire Dr /DPR from Olympic Heights and <br />downtown core. Traffic studies need to consider cumulative impacts for the region. Glenshire drive already is in very <br />poor condition, I cannot imagine what it will be like with additional traffic. I am foreseeing a nightmare! I would much <br />rather see the bike trail completed so we can bike /sk /walk in to Truckee as an alternative to taking the car! <br />Environmental impact and Wildlife Habitat: <br />Hydrology: The DEIR hydrology section is inadequate. DEIR does not even mention Glenshire Pond at all which is a large <br />omission because this is the receiving water for all of the proposed project's drainage. Sediments and nutrients that are <br />added from project site will collect in Glenshire Pond causing severe impacts to water quality causing bacteria and algae <br />blooms to form. I have already noticed that the pond has less species of birds and waterfowls, and the White Pelicans <br />are not present as they were 5 years ago. Even more development will surely impact the Glenshire Pond very <br />negatively. <br />Deer Migration: The proposed Canyon Springs project will have significant impact on Deer migration in area and <br />mitigation measures will not help. The DEIR provides zero support for statements that the deer will continue to be able <br />to do seasonal migration trip through the site via the open spaces. It's just a guess; no evidence, facts, or references are <br />provided. <br />I could come up with a multitude of additional reasons why I think the whole Canyon Springs project should be <br />abandoned, but I just want you to know that one of the main reasons I relocated to the Truckee area was that I was told <br />Truckee wanted to become the "greenest" town in the state, and that's the kind of town I want to live in, not one that <br />ruins what attracted most of us to the area in the first place! So let's keep it green!! <br />With kind regards, <br />Eva <br />Eva Stramer Nichols <br />16127 Wellington Way <br />1 <br />