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Plv� �t . c UVK wj,1V -i Z <br />Laura ...- <br />Subject: <br />FW: Canyon Springs <br />From: Jennifer Hinkle [Hinkle2010] <br />Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 6:11 PM <br />To: Denyelle Nishimori <br />Subject: Canyon Springs <br />Truckee Community Development Department <br />Attn: Denyelle Nishimori, Senior Planner <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />Dear Denyelle, <br />We are homeowners <br />here <br />in the Glenshire neighborhood. <br />I admit to being oblivious to most of what has been <br />transpiring, regarding <br />the <br />Canyon Springs projects, UNTIL <br />NOW that is! <br />This <br />is beyond <br />our wildest imagination, that the whole reason <br />we picked this, quiet, out of the way place, that we did, is <br />now <br />intended <br />to be developed into a congested, high density <br />living area. <br />For one thing Glenshire Drive SCARED me when I first drove it and I told my husband I did not want to live out here with <br />that road. I only changed my mind when we realized that it was relatively quiet as long as it wasn't rush hour ... and I can <br />easily avoid those times..,..NOT if we get developments like Canyon Springs though .... Is that development worth risking <br />more people's lives, because you must be aware of how ill equipped Glenshire Drive is, for heavy traffic ... all the workers <br />that will travel to the work -site, will be an enormous uptick in traffic and congestion all day long. <br />Will Glenshire Drive be rebuilt before this project is approved by any chance? <br />We also bought in this area, PRECISELY due to the undeveloped land where Canyon Springs is intending to build ... the <br />beauty of Glenshire IS the open area right there ... That is where all the wild animals live and make Glenshire unique with <br />it's nature... that's the charm ... why else do people live 5+ from town? <br />This is a SELLING point for the homes here! "Look right out there is all undeveloped land, yes that is what Glenshire is all <br />about." <br />I fail to understand WHY there appears to be no Migration Corridor in the area that Canyon Springs is to be developed? I <br />see deer there, ALL THE TIME in the mornings..from spring to fall ... I was told that there is absolutely NO building allowed <br />on a Migration Corridor ... is that not true? <br />I do understand, that BRIDGES will have to be built out in the woods for the roads to span the waterways? Could we <br />destroy the atmosphere surrounding this area MORE? Or destroy the natural habitats of nature more? <br />This is a slippery slope, the future of Glenshire rests on this development, if this one happens, many more will <br />follow ... the area cannot support these developments ... it will become undesirable to live here as a result. What would be <br />the value of living in this area? <br />I know that you have gotten MANY MANY letters from other concerned residents, so I won't continue, other than to <br />say ... I have no problem with a couple of lots, here and there, being developed, and a new families moving in to the <br />area ... but I fear the TRAFFIC, THE ENORMOUS WASTE OF BEAUTY, THE HOUSING GLUT, HOUSING VALUE DECLINE, THE <br />OVERCROWDING OF THE SCHOOLS, STREETS, FACILITIES, ETC., that this 20 year project will bring! <br />1 <br />